C&W Global Valuation & Advisory Supports Zurich's Global Portfolio

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The Challenge

Zurich, through its local legal entities, has a global portfolio of properties held for investment or business purposes. Various local regulatory reporting regimes require each property to be valued externally on either an annual or a three-year schedule. Zurich wanted to engage a single-point-of-contact service provider across all its geographies to gain a consistent high level of service, managerial rigor, and cost efficiencies throughout the valuation process.

The Solution

As a global organization, Valuation & Advisory was able to assemble a team for Zurich to mimic its existing organizational structure with the relationship focused on EMEA, but with regional service leadership based in New York and Hong Kong. We worked with Zurich to hone a reporting template to satisfy both its central and local reporting needs, and we were able to offer a flat fee throughout the global investment geography.

The Result

Cushman & Wakefield is mandated to provide valuation services to Zurich for its global portfolio. In 2011, we valued and reported on 67 properties located in Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, and the United States, and we have a forward program of valuations for properties located in EMEA, APAC, and the Americas.