Rooftops of EMEA

Rooftops of EMEA 2018

The role of rooftops in placemaking and asset profile-building shouldn’t be underestimated. A popular rooftop venue can raise awareness of a slightly off-pitch or under-rated location in a way that is hard to achieve through traditional marketing methods. London’s Heron Tower is a prime example of a building whose location became quickly recognised thanks to the decision to let high-rise space (with, incidentally, no outside access) to a desirable restaurant, in this case US brand SUSHISAMBA.

And in a competitive marketplace for offices (or retail, leisure, residential and virtually any other commercial use) a rooftop venue can provide a valuable edge by providing its host building with additional visibility. One thing is certain: modern-generation rooftops are here to stay, so for building owners the opportunities are there for the taking.

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