Concept development of “VTB-Arena Park”

VTB Arena- Park
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The Challenge

ZAO “Managing Company Dinamo” invited Cushman & Wakefield to parcipate in the concept development for “VTB-Arena Park”, where it is planned to construct a unique city neighborhood around stadium “Dinamo”. This project will be very attractive, located near the city center and combines different real estate components: retail, entertainment, hotel, residential and office spaces.

The Solution

The Development Consultancy Team started to work on this project in 2010. Our consultants created a concept of complex development of the territory around stadium “Dinamo”. Experts analyzed the existing project and after work up a model for commercial real estate including retail facilities. Also our consultants study the synergetic effect of sport facilities to the implementation of residential and retail property.

The Result

As a result a concept of modern neighborhood in the center of Moscow was developed, which focuses on comfort for living, working, shopping and a variety of entertainment.