Kyle McMullin

Kyle McMullin


“Value implications and risk reduction are Kyle’s main focus.”

Kyle has provided purchase, sale and investment counseling to hundreds of real estate owners, tenants, and financial institutions in the United States. Demand for Kyle’s talents has taken him to projects in 29 states with a value of well over $4.5 billion. He has been asked to consult with attorneys and investors in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Operating from the premise that decisions are easier made if there is adequate information that has been appropriately synthesized, Kyle thrives on the detail of a transaction. Complicated transactions with lots of moving parts are best negotiated after performing comprehensive cash flow and risk analysis. Kyle creates many of his own computer programs to accomplish this. Consequently, when he exchanges one deal point for another, he knows the value of the concession he received verses the value of what he gave up.

Kyle’s career as an investment/financial advisor started with Wallace Associates where within a few short years he became President of the company. As such, he was managing over 50 individuals, in three cities, working on billions of dollars of properties across the United States.

Kyle is a certified member of the Global Supply Chain Service Group of Cushman & Wakefield. His industrial clients include Boeing Company, CSI Crown, Inline Plastics, Inceptio Medical Technologies, LC, Third Dimension, BFI Industries and many more. He has represented owners, tenants and buyers.

Value implications and risk reduction are Kyle’s main focus. Experience has taught him that one can never be too careful when defining the obligations of parties.
Kyle graduated Cum Laude from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree with emphasis in real estate.