Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy

Executive Vice Chairman

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    1290 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10104-6178
    United States

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    +1 212 841-7600

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After graduating from Hamilton College in 1980, Patrick Murphy began his commercial real estate career 36 years ago.  Much of the business has changed in that time; however, Mr. Murphy’s enthusiasm and energy for the business has not.

Since 1990 Mr. Murphy was a part of the CBRE family of companies which included Insignia/ESG.  Prior to his promotion to Vice Chairman in 2008, he was the Executive Managing Director for the CBRE NY Tri-State suburban offices running a $100 million business with all lines and over 1000 people reporting to him.  The experience prepared Patrick to become the strategist and business advisor that he is today.

Mr. Murphy is an industry veteran who admits to having fallen in love with commercial real estate at the inception of his career. That love with which he began is still with him today.  Staying focused on the clients’ needs, as well as being open to feedback, is what allows Mr. Murphy to consistently operate at a peak performance. 

Awards & Associations

Mr. Murphy holds a B.A. in History from Hamilton College. He is a member of Corenet Global and the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).

Mr. Murphy is also a Colbert Circle Award winner for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, and 2012, and a 2004 Honoree at Monmouth University Real Estate Institute.


Client                                                               Size                                                     Location

Bleacher Report                                               61,000 sq. ft.                                      1633 Broadway

KPMG                                                             70,486 sq. ft.                                      560 Lexington Avenue

The Lefrak Organization                                316,775 sq. ft.                                     Newport Office Center VII

UBS Financial Services                                  850,000 sq. ft.                                    1285 Avenue of the Americas

Prudential                      NJ HQ                       95,000 sq. ft.                                      7 Giralda Farm

UBS Financial               NYC HQ                   1,000,000 sq. ft.                                 Lincoln Harbor, NJ

Societe Generale          NYC HQ                    516,404 sq. ft.                                    245 Park Avenue

Pfizer                                                               700,000 sq. ft.                                    685 Third Avenue

Pfizer                                                               120,000 sq. ft.                                    605 Third Avenue

KBS Realty Advisors                                       112,000 sq. ft.                                    Park Avenue, Florham Park, NJ

SJP Properties                                                   407,000 sq. ft.                                   11 Times Square

KPMG                             NYC HQ                   400,000 sq. ft.                                   345 Park Avenue

MetLife                                                              390,000 sq. ft.                                   US & Global Requirements

UBS AG                                                            750,000 sq. ft.                                   NYC Requirement

UBS AG                                                             86,297 sq. ft.                                     NYC Requirement

Mack-Cali                                                          320,942 sq. ft.                                   101 Hudson Street, Jersey City, NJ

Prudential                                                          257,315 sq. ft.                                    280 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT

Citigroup                                                           800,000 sq. ft.                                    Warren Corporate Center

Societe Generale                                              192,000 sq. ft.                                     Newport Office Center VII

SJP Properties                                                   225,722 sq. ft.                                    Montgomery Office Center

UBS Financial Services                                    114,792 sq. ft.                                    299 Park Avenue

UBS Financial Services                                    270,000 sq. ft.                                    Stamford Plaza, CT

UBS Financial Services                                    200,000 sq. ft.                                    Shelton, CT

UBS Financial Services                                    100,000 sq. ft.                                    1285 Avenue of the Americas

AXA Financial Services                                   270,000 sq. ft.                                    1740 Broadway

Merrill Lynch                                                    414,000 sq. ft.                                    300 Davidson Road

Metropolitan Center                                          93,000 sq. ft.                                      East Rutherford, NJ

KPMG                                                               159,700 sq. ft.                                    757 Third Avenue

KPMG                                                               327,971 sq. ft.                                    345 Park Avenue

Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield                       800,000 sq. ft.                                    3 Penn Plaza, Newark, NJ

IBM                                                                   292,304 sq. ft.                                    Skyline Drive, NJ

Odyssey Reinsurance                                       102,000 sq. ft.                                     Stamford, CT

Odyssey Reinsurance                                       42,000 sq. ft.                                       Downtown NYC

HP                                                                     Global                                                 Global

MetLife                                                              Global (Potential)                              Global