R Hiranmai

Executive Director & Associate General Counsel - APAC

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    4th Floor, Pine Valley
    Embassy Golf Links Business Park
    Intermediate Ring Road
    Bangalore, 560 071

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    +91 124 4469-5555

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Hiranmai is the Regional Director and Head Legal Counsel for South & South East Asia and has a vast experience of more than eleven years in the field of law. Currently, she holds the responsibility of legal affairs within Cushman & Wakefield for South and South East Asia including India. As part of the organisation, she plays an important role in the risk management of the organisation including legal compliances and litigation support. Hiranmai closely interacts with senior leadership teams in her regions rendering and maintaining the delivery of legal services and effective compliance protocols while further enhancing the firm's cross-border focus in support of a worldwide legal infrastructure. With her strong legal acumen and analytical skills that help her analyse a situation and help her to mitigate the risk that the organisation with a foresight makes her an expert in her own field, thus ensuring that C&W’s interests are always protected. Over the last few years, she has been instrumental in setting up the legal system and framework in Cushman & Wakefield India and trained the employees on the ethical and corporate policies of the company.

Hiranmai has vast experience in different arenas of law including but not limited to corporate laws, media laws, banking laws, criminal laws, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and real estate laws. She has independently conducted due diligences on various clients. She has been associated with various senior advocates and has represented clients at all the tiers of the Indian judiciary, be it the consumer fora, the trial courts, High Court and the Supreme Court.

Hiranmai has successfully endeavoured to mitigate risks in her previous organisations. She has been a pro active force in her department and has lent her services to prevent her organisation from being dragged into controversies.