Ron Himes

Executive Managing Director

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    525 University Avenue
    Suite 220
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    United States

    Lic: 00607566

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    +1 650 320 0204

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Ron Himes works primarily in the Silicon Valley where he focuses on the sale and lease of office and R&D buildings. Over the past three years, Ron has been involved in the successful lease and sale of over 2 million square feet. 


VmWare (1,300,000 square feet), Riverbed Technology (250,000 square feet), Cirrus Logic (600,000 square feet), Inktomi (700,000 square feet), ISE Labs (250,000 square feet), and Financial Engines (70,000 square feet), to name a few. 

Ron has also represented many of the area's largest developers/property owners during his career, including significant, exclusively representing Prudential Insurance on virtually all of its available property in Silicon Valley. Other significant transactions include the sale of over 250 acres to Peery-Arrillaga; the sale of over 100 industrial R&D buildings for Dunn Properties; the leasing and sale of R&D buildings with McCandless Companies, Sobrato Development, Legacy Partners, Wilson Cornerstone, Mozart Development, Orchard Properties, Southbay Properties and many other developers in Silicon Valley.


10 Major Lease/Sale Transactions (Over 90,000 Square Feet)
Inktomi, 700,000 square feet
Cirrus Logic Corporation, 600,000 square feet
VmWare, 250,000 square feet
ISE Labs, 250,000 square feet
Netscape, 135,000 square feet
L.S.I. Logic, 135,000 square feet
Riverbed Technology, 130,000 square feet
Varian Associates, 103,000 square feet
Lockheed Missiles & Space Co., 100,000 square feet
Excelan, Inc., 100,000 square feet
Vantronics, 96,000 square feet

Major R&D/Office Projects
American Centre, 5 building Office Project / 1,000,000 square feet
Centre Pointe, Milpitas, 4 building R&D/Office Project / 210,000 square feet
Cypress Business Park, Mountain View, 4 building Project on Clyde Avenue / 120,000 square feet
Old Oakland Rd Technology Park, San Jose, 4 building R&D/Office Project / 110,000 square feet
Oak I & II, Oakcreek Business Park, Milpitas, 2 building R&D/Office Project / 115,000 square feet
Oak III, Oakcreek Business Park, Milpitas, R&D/Office Building / 57,000 square feet
Oak Creek Business Park, Milpitas, R&D Building at 1901 McCarthy Drive / 135,000 square feet
International Business Park, San Jose, 2 building R&D Project / 160,000 square feet
Montague Park, San Jose, 3 building R&D Project on Trimble Rd & Junction Avenue / 265,000 square feet
Moffett Business Park, Sunnyvale, 2 building R&D Project on Moffett Park Drive / 160,000 square feet
Moffett Business Park, Sunnyvale, 2 building R&D/Office Project on Orleans Drive / 75,000 square feet

5 Major Land Transactions
177 acres: RENCO, Bayside Technology Park, Fremont
100 acres: PEERY & ARRILLAGA, South San Jose
25 acres: MASKATIYA SURI, Santa Clara
25 acres: M. A. NICHOLAS, Milpitas
17 acres: DUNN PROPERTIES, San Jose


Board of Directors, Cushman & Wakefield (formerly DTZ)


Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Stanford University