• Real Estate Market Reports


    In 2014, the U.S. economy created jobs at the fastest pace in 15 years. Read more

  • Real Estate Market Reports


    In 2015, the U.S. economy will finally enter a sustained period of strong growth. Read more

  • Real Estate Market Reports


    Our top 10 list at the end of 2014 looks at five surprises from the last 12 months and five expectations for the New Year. Read more

  • Topical Reports

    Facing The Millennial Wave

    Business leaders across all industries are asking C&W Global Business Consulting the same question with increasing frequency: “How do we win the war for Millennial talent?” Read more

  • Gran Via Madrid

    Real Estate Market Reports


    While just one of a number of factors driving the market, e-commerce is having the most significant impact on the European shopping centre market according to a new survey by Cushman & Wakefield launched today at MAPIC. The survey reveals opinions on the impact of e-commerce among the largest and most active property owners and managers representing nearly 1,500 centres (> 20% of the total European market). Read more

  • European Shopping Centre Development Report November 2014

    Real Estate Market Reports

    European Shopping Centre Development Report November 2014

    Shopping centre development in Western Europe has been boosted by the uplift in consumer sentiment so far in 2014, with major markets like France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK seeing a marked increase in the number of large schemes, particularly super-regional centres. Read more

  • Investment Atlas

    Topical Reports

    Emerging and Frontier Markets: Assessing Risk and Opportunity

    There is no doubt that today’s global property markets present both great opportunity and significant risk. Established and mature markets are providing safety and security for labor and capital, but many of the economies in these markets are growing slower than expected and competition is at an all time high. Read more

  • Main Streets Across the World 2014-2015

    Real Estate Market Reports


    Main Streets Across the World presents a global barometer of the retail sector, tracking rents in the world’s top 330 shopping locations across 65 countries. The main league table is drawn up by taking the most expensive location in each of the countries monitored. In addition, the publication provides overall regional commentary as well as specific luxury retail overviews for each region. Read more

  • Global Office Forecast_2015-2016

    Occupier Reports

    Global Office Forecast 2015-2016

    From a global perspective, 2014 was a better year for the office real estate sector, with many markets in much better shape than twelve months ago, and on solid footing heading into 2015. Read more

  • Winning in Growth Cities

    Topical Reports

    Winning in Growth Cities 2014-2015

    New York attracted the most commercial real estate investment during the last year as the global real estate investment market saw volumes increase by 17.2% to US$788 billion, according to Cushman & Wakefield’s annual ‘Winning in Growth Cities’ report launched today at EXPO REAL in Munich, Germany.
    Read more

  • U.S. Economic Report Sep. 14

    Real Estate Market Reports

    A More Balanced Recovery-Monthly Economic Update 9-14

    Cushman & Wakefield's latest report shows that as the economic recovery has accelerated it has also broadened out geographically with more metropolitan areas exhibiting strong job growth. Read more

  • CWCF European Real Estate Lending Update H1 2014

    Capital Market Reports

    European Real Estate Lending Update - H1 2014

    Following the Q1 Real Estate Lending Review, Cushman & Wakefield Corporate Finance presents its H1 update on the activity of European real estate lenders and provides an overview of the current debt markets across Europe. Read more

  • Topical Reports

    Weekly Economic Update July - 2014 - US Consumers: The Good & The Bad

    One of the biggest disappointments thus far in the economic recovery has been the reluctance of consumers to open up their wallets. Consumer spending accounts for roughly two thirds of the demand in the U.S. and it has increased at the slowest pace of any recovery. Read more

  • U.S. Economic Report Jan. 14

    Real Estate Market Reports

    U.S. Economic Report June 2014

    Stronger employment growth during the next two years should lead to greater absorption and faster declines in vacancy rates than the U.S. has seen thus far in the recovery, but the declines are still likely to be slower than in past recoveries. In fact, by the end of 2015 the national vacancy rate is still likely to be higher than it was when the recession began despite the fact that there will be more than a million more people employed in office-using industries than there are today. Read more

  • cis human capital thumbnail

    Occupier Reports

    Human Capital: The War for Talent and its Effect on Real Estate

    Whether through workplace designs that help foster collaboration, amenities that enhance work/life balance, or locations that draw the right professional demographics, real estate’s role in the talent war is increasingly important. Read more

  • Shoppingcenter-Entwicklung 2014

    Real Estate Market Reports

    Global Shopping Center Development Report - spring 2014

    The effect the credit crisis and global recession has had on shopping center development has been apparent across the world. There can be absolutely no doubts now that the retail development landscape has changed to varying degrees depending on geography over the last few years. This is not likely to alter significantly in the near future as shopping center owners and developers grapple with the challenges of integrating an increasingly competitive virtual world, where technology is driving a structural change in the retail market and how shoppers want to shop. Read more

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