• Shopping Centre Development

    Real Estate Market Reports

    European Shopping Centre Development Report - April 2014

    The European Shopping Centre Development Report provides an overview of shopping centre stock levels and development activity across Europe. Read more

  • Investment Atlas

    Capital Market Reports

    International Investment Atlas 2014

    The International Investment Atlas 2014 report has been prepared by Cushman & Wakefield to provide an introduction to the world’s key commercial real estate investment markets in 2013 and an indication of activity in 2014. It covers the main areas of activity, showing the size and status of each and giving a flavour for the real estate sectors and a brief view on where each is heading. Read more

  • Manufacturing Index 2014

    Occupier Reports

    Where in the World: Manufacturing Index 2014

    The Manufacturing Index 2014 is an updated and slightly amended version of the previous edition, with a small number of additional indicators added for clarity. The purpose of the Manufacturing Index is to highlight the numerous factors that manufacturing companies must consider when either expanding their business or relocating their existing operations. These variables, although inherently complex in nature, present a series of risks and opportunities that not only differ from country to country but also may change from city to city. Read more

  • Office Space Across the World

    Real Estate Market Reports

    Office Space Across the World 2014

    Office Space Across the World provides an analysis of the global office market over the past year, as well as discusses the industry’s main trends for the year ahead. The primary focus of this report is prime office rental performances and occupancy costs across the globe, including a ranking of the most expensive locations across the world in which to occupy office space. The report also gives a more in-depth rental and occupier overview for each region, concluding with a detailed list of market data pertaining to each office location. Read more

  • Report cover

    Topical Reports

    Workplace Transformation Survey

    There is no doubt the corporate workplace is transforming rapidly. While companies are moving forward with workplace change programs at different speeds and pursuing a number of strategies, most all are focused on maximizing the productivity and efficiency of their work environment. Read more

  • Global Office Forecast

    Occupier Reports

    Global Office Forecast 2014-2015

    The Global Office Forecast 2014-15 provides a two-year outlook for office markets around the globe. Read more

  • Emerging Markets Report Cover

    Real Estate Market Reports

    US Investor Survey - Sustainable Real Estate

    How are today’s owners responding to the demand for sustainable real estate? Read more

  • Main Streets Across the World

    Real Estate Market Reports

    Main Streets Across The World 2013-2014

    Main Streets Across the World presents a global barometer of the retail sector, tracking rents in the world’s top 334 shopping locations across 64 countries. The main league table is drawn up by taking the most expensive location in each of the countries monitored. In addition, the publication provides overall regional commentary as well as specific luxury retail overviews for each region. Read more

  • Winning in Growth Cities

    Topical Reports

    Winning in Growth Cities 2013-14

    This report has been prepared by the Cushman & Wakefield Research team to identify the winning cities in today’s international real estate investment market. The report looks at the largest and fastest growing cities in investment terms and differences in pricing, as well as crossborder demand and activity. Read more

  • Investor Insight Report

    Capital Market Reports

    Supply-Side Risk in the New Age of Work

    While core office markets have performed well over the last few years, ownership risks remain. One of the most obvious but perhaps the least emphasized is the changing workplace requirements of the occupier. Many owners have not yet fully grasped the underlying drivers of workplace change and where the trends are taking corporations in their assessment of how employees should work. Read more

  • Japan Consumption Tax Report

    Topical Reports

    Assessing the Impact of Japan's Consumption Tax Hike

    The Japanese government led recovery has been popularly labeled ‘Abenomics’ due to Prime Minister Abe’s push forward with the Liberal Democratic Party stimulus package. The private sector, with significantly improved business confidence, is expected to drive the recovery forward in 2013. Read more

  • Report Cover

    Occupier Reports

    Introverts VS. Extroverts

    Employees all have very different psychological needs and responses. The most obvious psychological difference, is that between people with a preference for extroversion and those with a preference for introversion. Individuals with a preference for introversion are known as introverts and those with a preference for extroversion are known as extroverts. Read more

  • Global Perspective On Retail image

    Topical Reports

    Global Perspective On Retail: Online Retailing

    The UK is the world’s most developed online retail market, according to a global research report published today by the world’s largest privately-owned real estate services firm, Cushman & Wakefield. Read more

  • Emerging Markets Report Cover

    Real Estate Market Reports

    Navigating Emerging Markets

    CIS outlines key challenges multinationals should be aware of when assessing a market’s potential for occupancy. With overviews of countries across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific this report offers insight as to the risk and opportunities that await corporations in these markets.
    Read more

  • Changing World of Trade

    Real Estate Market Reports

    Changing World of Trade

    Owners, occupiers and investors need to respond to unprecedented trends in technology, demographics and infrastructure that are transforming global supply chains across the retail, industrial and logistics real estate sectors.
    Read more

  • Data Centre Risk Index 2013

    Topical Reports

    Data Centre Risk Index 2013

    The index ranks key established and emerging locations by the risks affecting data centre operations. It has been designed primarily to support data centre due diligence and senior decision making when considering global investment and deployment activities.  Read more

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