The Occupier Edge: Fourth Edition

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Occupier Edge 4th Edition

The Fourth Edition of the Occupier Edge highlights insights and trends identified and explained by our global real estate experts.

This edition features articles addressing influential trends impacting the commercial real estate industry and beyond. A few key topics include gamification and how it will transform the way we work; automated lawyering and how artificial intelligence is no longer a concept, but a reality; the gig economy, which has created a new kind of diversity, with full-time permanent employees working side-by-side with freelancers; and much more.

In this edition, the following questions are answered:

  • What benefits does the "gig economy" afford to companies?
  • How can CRE executives plan for the future?
  •  What are the five ways to maximize office relocation opportunities?
  • Is virtual reality the new reality for real estate?
  • How can law firms harness technology to survive?
  • What are the benefits of legal document automation?
  • What is gamification? How does it impact the workplace?
  • Will blockchain be fully adopted by the CRE industry?

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