Oil & Gas Markets Outlook 2017

Oil & Gas Market Outlook  

Cushman & Wakefield's 2017 global outlook for Oil & Gas Markets assesses how the energy sector is fairing following more than 2 years of upheaval. The report considers the impact the downturn has had on sector spending, how falling production costs and technological efficiencies can ease but not erase the cost burden for sector occupiers and the associated impacts being felt in energy-centric markets.


  • Oil prices are anticipated to remain under downwards pressure during 2017, despite some stability returning to the market.
  • The shale revolution creates a supply dynamic that has OPEC questioning how to respond to a lower for longer anticipation for oil prices.
  • With operator margins under further pressure, it will be down to the industry to sustain and push for further efficiency improvements in cost bases. The companies that will succeed will be those that are able to work with the supply chain in new ways, taking on board new technology and making operating models more efficient.