What Occupiers Want: Global Survey 2018

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   Since 2016, we've surveyed key CRE decision makers, focusing on location and workplace strategies. This year, we have added a specific focus on reasons driving increasing business clustering. 

   While talent has been the key challenge for most global CEOs, it has taken a few years to reach the top of the CRE executive agenda. Our survey results show that after years of cost focus, CRE strategies are increasingly driven by the talent agenda and support stronger alignment between CEO and CRE objectives.

   Besides talent and pressure to contain costs – operational excellence, innovation, and customer relationships have all been identified as key CRE drivers. All of these factors must be weighed with (and often against) each other as global organisations are making decisions about:

  • Where to locate operations?
  • What clusters and ecosystems benefit them the most?
  • How to integrate flexibility?

   The pursuit of talent and increasing need for collaborative innovation is pushing more than 40% of corporations to locate in a sector cluster with a staggering 75% for life science companies.

   As in prior years, the data gathered includes feedback from CRE executives across a variety of industry sectors. The global trends show that leaders are looking for ways to utilise real estate strategy as a talent sourcing and retention tool in order to drive business goals. 

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