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    Capital Market Reports

    European Real Estate Loan Sales Market Q1 2016

    €3.7bn of closed sales as activity spreads to southern Europe with Spanish and Italian vendors testing investor appetite. Read more

  • Oil and gas

    Occupier Reports

    Global Oil and Gas Cities Update

    With oil prices remaining under pressure real estate costs will continue to be the focus of attention for the foreseeable future and will have a subsequent knock-on effect on the real estate market.
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  • Future of the TMT Workplace

    Occupier Reports

    The Future of the TMT Workplace

    The Future of the TMT Workplace is the second in a series of reports on the future of workplace and real estate strategies. It follows on from last year's Future of the Financial Workplace and identifies the challenges, strategies, technologies and best practices which will future proof the digital workplace.  Read more

  • EMEA Retail Investment Trends

    Capital Market Reports

    Capital Views - EMEA Retail Investment Trends

    Retail was the fastest growing sector of the commercial property market in Europe last year, with volumes rising to a total of €67.3bn, the second largest annual total on record.  Read more

  • The Great Wall of Money 2016

    Capital Market Reports

    Great Wall of Money 2016

    The Great Wall of Money has been tracking the amount of newly raised capital targeting commercial real estate globally since the onset of the financial crisis. The report monitors capital available predominantly from funds, listed companies and institutions and explores the geographies and asset types it targets. With investors from all regions now focused on deploying capital, how will the weight of money into CRE stand up throughout 2016?  Read more

  • Atlas Outlook 2016

    Capital Market Reports

    Atlas Outlook 2016

    The Atlas Outlook provides an overview of the global real estate investment market in 2015 and, more particularly, what’s in store for 2016. The report discusses the health and direction of the current market, the main areas of recent investment activity, macro drivers and of course risk. It then summarizes C&W views on the global outlook, regional trends, and areas of opportunity where investment strategy can usefully be focused. 
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  • European Lending Trends January 2016

    Capital Market Reports

    European Lending Trends January 2016

    The lending environment across Europe remains positive with the majority of lenders expecting to maintain or expand their activities in 2016. The environment for refinancing remains stable, the pace of growth for originations, though positive, is set to be lower in H1 2016.  Read more

  • Lease Accounting Changes: CRE To Take Centre Stage

    Occupier Reports

    Lease Accounting Changes: CRE To Take Centre Stage

    In January 2016, the IASB released a new lease accounting standard, IFRS 16. This is expected to be closely followed by the publication of a new standard from the FASB, governing body responsible for US GAAP.  Cushman & Wakefield’s latest release summarises the key changes to lease accounting, provides a high level guide to its application and details the key impacts and considerations for CRE professionals.    Read more

  • Asia Pacific Office Overview Q4 2015

    Occupier Reports

    Asia Pacific Office Overview - Q4 2015

    Asia Pacific office market snapshot covering key themes, leasing conditions and a list of indicator rankings. Read more

  • Structural changes continue to impacting global banking

    Occupier Reports

    Banking & Finance Sector Briefing

    Following a period of contraction in the wake of the financial crash, the banking and finance sector is now re-positioning itself for growth. Faced with numerous material changes to rules and regulations, banks and financial  institutions are re-calibrating their business plans in response, reducing exposure to higher risk-weighted assets and cutting impairment costs, with the aim of improving liquidity, increasing profits and upping returns, which to date have been subject to sharp, downward revisions.  Read more

  • Asia Pacific Outlook 2016

    Capital Market Reports

    Asia Pacific Outlook 2016

    Asia Pacific Outlook 2016 identifies a number of occupier and investment trends across Asia Pacific and assesses their likely impact on market conditions and investment performance in 2016.   Read more

  • European Real Estate Loan Sales Q4 2015

    Capital Market Reports

    European Real Estate Loan Sales Market Q4 2015

    The European Real Estate Loan Sales Market Q4 2015 update report comprehensively analyses the non-core real estate exposure of 51 European banks (including AMA) to understand the commercial real estate (CRE) loan sales market in the years to come. Following a record €85.9bn of closed sales in 2015, this report provides a detailed outlook of the year ahead. Read more

  • Chinese Insurance Capital

    Capital Market Reports

    Chinese Insurance Outbound Capital

    This paper investigates the amount of future capital to be invested overseas by Chinese Insurance companies, including the geographies and types of assets that they will target. Read more

  • Retail Therapy 2015

    Real Estate Market Reports

    Retail Therapy 2015

    Cushman & Wakefield Research indicates the market growing from €3 billion in 2013 to €8 billion in 2014, the biggest ever year on year increase across the region. Market commentary across Europe, as well as US and Asian markets, reveal how the evolution of retail markets is happening at different speeds.  Read more

  • Main Streets Across the World 2014-2015

    Real Estate Market Reports


    The ‘Main Streets Across the World’ report tracks over 500 of the top retail streets around the globe, ranking them by their prime rental value utilising Cushman & Wakefield’s proprietary data. The 27th edition of the report shows that rents have risen in 35% of streets around the world – despite the increased global uncertainty experienced over the past 12 months. Read more

  • DNA of real estate q3 2015

    Real Estate Market Reports

    The DNA of Real Estate Q3 2015

    The DNA of Real Estate covers the key office, logistics and high street destinations within Europe and provide an overview of their quarterly performances, giving you a summary of prime rents and yields for the respective cities and markets. New to 2015, this European data hand-out also indicates the top 10 markets for rental growth, yield compression and capital value growth across all sectors. Read more

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