Risk Management Services



Focus, innovation & leadership have made C&W a trusted advisor to commercial real estate owners and occupiers around the world for nearly 100 years. Now, C&W has created the first comprehensive Risk Management Services division in the industry.

The RMS Team of world-class security experts assesses your vulnerabilities and develops tailored solutions to help you diminish risk, manage crises and recover quickly when problems arise.


\Apply an all hazards approach:

  • Terrorism
  • Cyber attacks
  • Crime
  • Natural disasters
  • Political instability

Identify key assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences

Prioritize risks for mitigation


  • Design an integrated security program addressing physical, electronic, and cyber security, building engineering systems, security staffing and procedures
  • Base recommendations on cost-benefit analysis and business requirements


  • Develop business continuity, crisis management, and emergency response plans
  • Conduct training, table-top exercises and drills
  • Provide disaster response and recovery assistance


  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Global Area Assessment
  • Threat and Risk Analyses
  • Site Selection
  • Security Program Design and Audit
  • Cyber Risk Analysis
  • Security Personnel Selection
  • Critical Incident Response Preparation
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Business Continuity Plan Development and Review
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Post-Incident Recovery


Embedded in the world’s leading commercial real estate firm, Risk Management Services is uniquely positioned to guide clients through the complex and evolving terrain of risk. The RMS team brings more than a century of experience in policing, public safety and crisis management. As senior executives in the New York City Police Department, RMS team members worked to:

  • Reduce violent crime in NYC to historic lows
  • Build the Nation’s first Municipal counterterrorism capability • Deter numerous terrorist attacks in their planning stage
  • Respond effectively to the massive blackout in 2003
  • Prepare for and respond quickly to Hurricanes Irene and Sandy
  • Plan for and manage countless major events including strikes, parades, demonstrations and the annual UN General Assembly

With advanced degrees in law and engineering, coupled with deep experience in crime and terrorism prevention, critical infrastructure protection, and disaster response and crisis management, the RMS team can provide clients with strategic guidance not available elsewhere.