Workplace Strategy - 2014 Trends & Research

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In ten years nearly 75% of all employees will be Millennials, yet real estate occupiers and investors are just beginning to understand how this demographic behaves and the type of workplaces that attract them. Additionally, as new research reveals that quiet and privacy are actually critical for white collar productivity, companies are transforming – yet again – their workplace strategies. Finally, social media and mobile technologies are rapidly diminishing the distinctions between home, work, and leisure, resulting in workplace concepts oriented towards creativity, innovation, sharing, and choice.

The pace of workplace change is startling. How can we navigate this complex and high-stakes terrain?

Cushman & Wakefield Global Business Consulting invites you to join your industry colleagues for a presentation and discussion on workplace strategy. We’ll cover the top drivers of workplace change, workplace strategy and design trends, and best practice approaches for developing high-impact business cases for change.


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