Cheryl Capulong - I pledge to challenge gender role bias!

Cheryl Capulong • 01/03/2021

Chery Capulong

I won’t lie – I was one of the few who raised an eyebrow when I hear girlfriends share stories of husbands who took a backseat on their careers to take care of kids and household chores. Urban dictionary calls this ‘houseband’ which is the male equivalent to a housewife.

It took me a while to accept such set-up until I read an article where a new father demanded more paternity leave than the government approved benefit. In that article he basically said that there is a stigma on parenting and that society looks at it that women put in more effort than the men, which is no longer the case and they too would want to be more involve and spend more time with their newborns. He claims that this is a complete violation of his right as a parent and clear discrimination because he is a male.

Gender role bias does not only take place in the corporate field, it's much closer than we think – sometimes it starts at home.

The more we free ourselves from these society dictated roles, the more we will be able to fulfill our life purpose. A purpose driven life that is nonconforming and irrespective of gender, race and colour is truly beautiful. It is obviously better if we have a support system that will allow us to reach our becoming.

I honour the strong women in each of their field and industries who continuously aim to be successful in their own rights, and I honour the men who lovingly became housebands who support their wives in building a career outside their homes.

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