Natalie Craig - I choose to challenge by embracing the new beginnings that the next generation of children can give us.

Natalie Craig • 08/03/2021

IWD 2021

I asked my son the other day “what does International Women’s Day mean?”. He looked at me blankly (he often doesn’t listen when I speak) so I asked again and eventually he responded “why do women get a day? When is International Men’s Day?”

In my son’s view of the world, specifically one with a mother who works and 2 sisters who treat him with very little mercy, gender inequality is so unfamiliar that it simply doesn’t exist. He has no expectation that he will receive more or less education, opportunity, reward or recognition simply on the basis of his gender. Neither do my daughters.

It is my hope that they (and all of the children of this next generation) will be able to live in a community in which this remains as true in their adult lives as it does in their childhood. So today, on this International Women’s Day I #ChoosetoChallenge by embracing the new beginnings that the next generation of children can give us. Let’s choose not to share our bias and our discrimination with them but instead, encourage them to continue to embrace and understand their world – one where equality can be expected.

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