Yuliana Gunawan - I will challenge gender roles stereotypes & it starts at home

Yuliana Gunawan • 01/03/2021

IWD 2021

I was raised in a family with a traditional mindset that homemaking is the responsibility of women only. I started notice that when our maids were not around (anymore).

Growing up, I often protested my mom for not asking my brother to take part in doing house chores. It took years for me to “convince” her that homemaking is the responsibility of both genders.

Whenever I got the chance, I would try to make her understand that it’s part of the basic skills even a man also needs to have. Furthermore, most of the younger generation won’t be having this traditional mindset anymore which can create problem for him when he’s married. I’d also show her some real-life examples. Long story short, my mom eventually got my brother and sometimes my dad to do some of the house chores. My brother is married now, and his wife is definitely not the one having the traditional mindset either.

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