Yoga in my Safety Bubble

Tica Hessing • 24/04/2020
Cushman & Wakefield - Quarantine Goals 2020

All around the world, we are rearranging our lives to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Old patterns and processes that were once straightforward are now unsafe and require new thinking.

Restaurants make way for Ghost Kitchens, and social gatherings have migrated into virtual spaces.

Whilst we first carelessly opened doors, touched handrails in train and metro stations, grabbing shopping baskets and trolleys, we would now think twice.

At home, dining tables are turned into multi usage desks for home schooling and work, and everyday goods from chairs to water bottles are turned into fitness accessories.

High heels, pencil skirts and business suits are gathering dust.

This new phenomenon, the virus, has forced all of us to live differently, across cultures, countries, languages, belief systems and generations and forced us to be flexible and think of creatives ways to make life work inside the new world.

Safety Bubble

Yoga in my Safety Bubble

For most of us, rearranging our lives also means that our worlds have become much smaller due to the safety restrictions and social distancing measures.

I have spent the last 6 weeks in something that you could call a Bubble. The Bubble is approximately 5 sq km big, including my home, the local grocery store, pharmacy, the running track and the beach. I love traveling inside the bubble, especially to Fridge Station.

My Bubble has become my new comfort-zone.

With the Bubble being a place to work, shop, sleep, and exercise for the coming months, I decided to create a new Bubble-appropriate routine to keep me, safe, sane, healthy and productive. My Quarantine Goal is to wake up at 6am and do Yoga, each and every day.

This new routine has given me structure and a reason to jump out of bed early and seize the day. I’ve been enjoying the new routine, but I do miss the real human connection!

It’s nice in my safety Bubble. I feel like I’m in control. For now.


I’m often thinking about how it would be to step outside of the safe Bubble again. As most of us have created our own little routines and safety bubbles, we may start feeling more comfortable. However, an uncertain period could come again when Day 1 Return to Office is booked and locked in our schedules.

How are we going to manage outside of our save bubbles and re-integrate with the people, the buildings and the processes that were once so straightforward? How will we commute? How will it be to see colleagues, friends, family for the first time? How will we enter the office? How many days a week will we be allowed to go in? Will we plan face-to-face meetings with clients or would that be too risky?

Our days could become, once again, more uncertain…

Stay calm stay at home

Ready to Recover

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

We, commercial real estate professionals, do now have the opportunity to lighten some of that burden of uncertainty. Through planning, renewed building operations, clear communications, clever change management initiatives and health and safety guidelines we can make Day 1 outside our bubble and inside our physical offices, a positive experience.

We are Ready to Recover. Are you ready to step outside your bubble yet?

As areas stabilize from the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, organizations will begin to bring workers back into the physical workplace.
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