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Local Focus – Global Connections

We built our business on three key principles:

  • Nurture strong, long-term relationships with buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and policy-makers
  • Be fully aware of the dynamics, key people and complexities in our markets.
  • Build an expert team determined to excel at client service.

Over the past 26 years, our firm has continued to grow and evolve through national and international alliances, increasing technical sophistication, top calibre agents and professional staff, and new accreditations.

Our focus has always been on building relationships and delivering extra value to clients through the way we do business. We connect with clients to work together in close partnerships that amplify the strengths we each bring to a project.

At the core of our customer care philosophy is our team’s determination to consistently exceed our clients' expectations. To you, that may mean more revenue or lower costs, better customer service or knowledgeable advice that makes the difference between success or failure in achieving your goals. Buying, selling or leasing, we make it easy for you to be in the commercial real estate market and can assist you with your requirements.

While we have deep knowledge of the market influences, people, prices and inventory in our own region, our affiliation with Cushman & Wakefield means we are connected to one of the largest commercial real estate service firms in the world. It earns annual revenue of $5 billion across its core services. When it benefits our clients, we can call on the expertise of 43,000 colleagues in more than 70 countries for the additional services and diversity of knowledge this extended team of colleagues can provide.

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