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XSF Pulse Check

Gain data and insights to move forward with confidence.


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XSF Pulse Check is a precise tool to help your company inspire its people, measure employee confidence in the return to the office, retain top talent and capture competitive advantage. XSF Pulse Check builds on five years of Experience per Square Foot™ (XSF) data
— 4.5 million data points gathered since Q2 2020.  


Join the data-driven initiative precisely designed to measure what matters most for your employees’ success. XSF Pulse Check is now open and is offered at no cost.

Participants will receive a data report for their organization within 1-2 weeks of survey close and access to benchmarks, practitioner-led webinars, and actionable research studies before the end of year.


Find the right hybrid model for your organization

Create inspiring workplaces that draw people back

Align investment decisions with future workstyles


Reach out to our Workplace Experience experts if you have any questions or want to understand how XSF data supports your workplace strategy.


Based on years of study and advanced statistical analysis, XSF Pulse Check measures the precise experience, engagement, and wellbeing components of a healthy and productive workforce.

Developed by a team of data scientists, quantitative and qualitative researchers, HR professionals, behavioral psychologists, and workplace experts. Co-created with clients across industries.



  • Mandating that people work from home or from the office does not work. The best companies with the most engaged employees give choices of where to work. The key to success is using your specific employee experience measures to guide workplace strategy, return policy, and investment.

  • People who come into the office more often report better work-life balance, more time away from work, and higher levels of inspiration. How will your RTO policy impact employee health or wellbeing?

  • Different segments of your workforce are likely to have drastically different responses to their current work experience. The best companies don’t fit all employees into a single approach or time frame - they prioritize by understanding who is in need of attention and exactly what type of responses to put in place.

  • Are your people inspired today? If not, how can you change that? The most important way to protect engagement during the pandemic and RTO transition is to ensure that people feel inspired by your company, your policies, your culture, and your workplace.


Bryan Berthold Atlanta Consulting
Bryan Berthold

Global Lead, Workplace Experience
Atlanta, United States

+1 (404) 853-5346

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Antonia Cardone San Francisco Corporate
Antonia Cardone

Senior Managing Director, Americas Total Workplace Leader
San Francisco, United States

+1 (415) 352-2673

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Nicola Gillen
Nicola Gillen

EMEA Lead, Total Workplace
London, United Kingdom

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Carol Wong

APAC Lead, Total Workplace
Singapore, Singapore

+65 63178320

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Steven Zatta (image)
Steven Zatta

Total Workplace, Global Lead Research & Innovation
Washington, D.C., United States

+1 (202) 471-3591

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