Data Centers in Japan: Plugging into Digital Investment Streams

Hideaki Suzuki • 15/08/2017

Our report covers the emergence of data centers as real estate investment assets,

  1. Awakened opportunities for data center investment
  2. Three paths to take for data center investment
  3. Finding a data center opportunity
  4. Decision criteria for a data center

Some of the key highlights for data center investment include:

  • Investing in ‘digital’ is an emerging real estate investment opportunity, especially with the rise of specialised data center operators.
  • Cumulative investment in data centers reached JPY146.6 billion, despite the actual transaction being much higher.
  • Tokyo has nearly 112 out of the 248 data centers in Japan, while Singapore has the most in Asia, ranking seventh globally.


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大阪は、日本で最初の3つの統合型リゾートの候補地として誘致に積極的です。地元の事業者も興味を示し、この取り組みに前向きです。前回の開催から55年後、2回目の万博開催が決定し、大阪府および大阪市はExpo 2025と統合型リゾート(IR)開発によってもたらされる経済効果の拡大を狙っています。

Hideaki Suzuki • 13/08/2020
prime retail 2018
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Hideaki Suzuki • 26/09/2018
Policy Watch Tokyo Report 2020
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Policy Watch Tokyo: April 10

COVID-19 first spread out in China and suspended economic activities of the nation. Having a close economic relationship with China, Japan industries are gradually affected by the outbreak. Government of Japan released the first economic stimulus package in mid-February. As local outbreak happens and situation worsening, government has proposed different measures to contain the spread and secure economy.
Hideaki Suzuki • 10/04/2020

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