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Real Estate in Lausanne, Switzerland 

With all the benefits of a large Swiss city and a small European metropolis, real estate in Lausanne is in high demand. 

The city is active in real estate management and the construction of new housing that combines quality, sustainability, and economic performance. 

Due to its central location in the heart of the canton of Vaud, Lausanne is an excellent solution for rental and commercial investment. 

Why Lausanne, Switzerland?  

Switzerland is known for its low tax rates and high living standard, attracting many well-known international companies to Swiss cities. 

Lausanne, the capital of Canton de Vaud, is open to the world and connected thanks to its efficient transport system (train, road and boat). It offers a far reaching small-scale environment where quality of life rhymes with preserved nature and exceptional comfort. 

Switzerland's fourth largest city, home to the Olympic Games Committee, a sustainable city and a centre for education and culture. In the years it has harboured a number of international companies and the headquarters of multinational corporations. With an economic growth of about 2% per year for the past decade, the city has nearly 147,000 inhabitants and 120,000 workplaces. The abundance of businesses of all kinds also contributes to the city's influence and development. 

What SPGI offers

SPGI is the Swiss leader in corporate real estate, with offices in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Basel, assisting you with premium quality services whether you are an investor, tenant, owner or developer. Our experience of over 20 years and wide-reaching network allows you to take advantage of genuine opportunities on the market, leading us to successfully undertake close to 300 projects a year. 

SPGI consists of 4 departments: 

  • Tenant & Landlord Representation 
  • Investments 
  • Development & Project Management 
  • Valuation & Consulting 

Our in-house multilingual skills, knowledge of the local market, with a national and international network, gives us an excellent understanding of the needs of our clients and allows us to deliver outstanding results. 

Within a dynamic and complex market, real estate players need a competent, reliable, and innovative partner, that can offer proactive solutions and give advice through every stage of their real estate project. 

Our mission is to support companies and individuals to evolve in their environment. 

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