International Women's Day: Caroline Debenham

Having spent my career in male-dominated industries, and working in marketing can mean there are perceptions that all I do is to make things look pretty, rather than adding any strategic value.

Caroline Debenham

But by using my expertise and drive to successfully deliver projects, it directly challenges this bias and overcomes the view that my advice has no real importance or influence. I have achieved this by always approaching each project with positivity, no bias on my part or assumptions that I won’t be heard, otherwise I set myself up to fail. I refuse to be anything other than authentic, whether that fits into a stereotype or not, but I promise to bring nothing less to team every day. I am now a successful leader within the business, who manages, mentors and inspires others to succeed.

You have to believe that you belong, no matter the situation, as having that self-confidence means you don’t need to prove you are an equal, because you are.



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Adam Stanley

I can't imagine what my life would be had it not been for the strong women who taught me, loved me, encouraged me, corrected me, and walked alongside me. My life, my career, and our world is better because of women. And so, I celebrate International Women's Day every day of every year.

- Adam Stanley, United States

Tetet Castro

I will cultivate an open-minded environment to foster gender equality in the workplace. I will also continue to mentor and encourage junior colleagues to become future leaders in the organization.

- Tetet D. Castro, Philippines

Christine McKinlay

Equality and diversity in the workplace are essential elements of a business strategy, vision, and mission. An organization has a social responsibility to provide equitable opportunities which generate a feeling of belonging. When people feel they belong, they are more committed to the organization.

- Christine McKinlay, United States

International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Women's Day (IWD) – a global day recognizing the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – we thank our outstanding women colleagues for their contributions to our firm, the service they provide to our clients, and the impact they make in our communities every day.