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Caitlin Simon (image)
Caitlin Simon

"Our job is to help clients anticipate what real estate and tenant needs will look like in the future. It's exciting."

- Caitlin Simon, Managing Director, Investor Services, New York

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chris yang (image)
Chris Yang

"It's very cool to be part of the largest valuation team in China. Our clients benefit from our decades of experience in this market."

- Chris Yang, Director, Valuation & Advisory Services, Beijing

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Dianne Twinam (image)
Dianne Twinam

"A growing company by definition means opportunity for everyone, employees and clients alike."

- Dianne Twinam, Managing Director, Asset Services, Washington, DC

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Laurie Turner (image)
Laurie Turner

"We're a 101-year old startup and that's what it feels like. There's so much energy. And I can't wait to see what's next."

- Laurie Turner, Director of Operations, East Region, Philadelphia

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Doug and Bruce (image)
Douglas Jones & Bruce Moser

"Our veterans who are working and thriving here are bringing the skill sets that will take this firm to the next level."

- Bruce Mosler, Chairman, Global Brokerage, New York & Chairman of Veterans Initiative

Meet Douglas Jones & Bruce Mosler

Ethan Silverstein (image)
Ethan Silverstein

"The entire reason you join a company like this is to take advantage of all of the resources that can benefit your clients."

- Ethan Silverstein, Vice Chairman, Global Brokerage, New York

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Eva Escaig (image)
Eva Escaig

"I'm a civil engineer, an architect, and I've managed complex transactions. It gives me great perspective when advising clients on what's next for their portfolios."

-Eva Escaig, Head of Transaction Management, Global Occupier Services, Germany

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 Haley Friedlich (image)
Haley Friedlich

"I really believe in this company and our momentum. I believe in the leadership, and I believe in their investment in the next generation. It's go time."

- Haley Friedlich, Corporate Relations and Policy Manager, New York

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Doug Harmon (image)
Doug Harmon

"Now, more than ever, our clients need a partner who can offer a global, full-service platform to enable them to maintain their competitive advantage."

- Doug Harmon, Chairman, Capital Markets, New York

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hideaki suzuki (image)
Hideaki Suzuki

"Research is key, both global and local. Clients around the world rely on our insights to navigate today's dynamic environment."

- Hideaki Suzuki, PhD, Head of Research - Japan

Meet Hideaki Suzuki

Josh Kuriloff (image)
Josh Kuriloff

"30 years ago, I would manage transactions by myself. Today, I lead a diverse team that delivers the best execution in the business."

- Josh Kuriloff, Executive Vice Chairman, New York

Meet Josh Kuriloff

Morgan Relyea Colt (image)
Morgan Relyea Colt

"We're fast at building relationships across the firm. It's easy to call another office and say, 'Hey, let's work on this.'"

- Morgan Relyea Colt, Executive Director, Tenant Advisory Group, Houston

Meet Morgan Relyea Colt

nelson flores (image)
Nelson Flores

"I'm always researching new equipment, looking for innovations that will be the game-changers."

- Nelson Flores, Senior Account Manager, C&W Services, Boston

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Tim de Vries (image)
Tim de Vries

"Because of our deep knowledge of tenants, we can create powerful solutions for real estate owners."

- Tim de Vries, Consultant Office Agency, Netherlands

Meet Tim de Vries

ryan rawls (image)
Ryan Rawls

"This is the rare global company that has retained its local soul. It's a great balance for our clients."

- Ryan Rawls, Managing Director, Financial Analysis & Advisory, Global Occupier Services, Tampa

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Christine and Paige (image)
Christine Colley & Paige Engeldrum

"Our focus on networking, philanthropy and continuing education makes us truly unique."

- Christine Colley, Senior Director, Brokerage Services, New York

Meet Christine Colley & Paige Engeldrum

karina cuevas (image)
Karina Cuevas

"This is a firm of opportunity. They promote people based on character and your ability to do the job. Period."

- Karina Cuevas, Account Director, C&W Services, San Francisco

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Victoria Malkin (image)
Victoria Malkin

"We've changed marketing from an execution partner to a strategic partner in the business. We help drive change."

- Victoria Malkin, Marketing and Communications Director, East Region, Chicago

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