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All about carbon

Melissa Gutierrez-Sullivan • 5/26/2021
Companies often talk about becoming ‘carbon neutral’ or achieving ‘net zero,’ but what does that actually mean?

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Carbon is a term that’s been coming up more frequently around the board room—and COVID-19 has only amplified the conversation. With fewer people in the office over the last year, significant reductions have been achieved through changes in daily business operations, supporting many companies in their quest to become more sustainable. Now, as businesses start to look past COVID-19, they are viewing carbon reduction as a critical step to mitigating climate change, recruiting and retaining employees, and better serving their customers, shareholders and stakeholders. 

But there’s little time to waste. 

This article addresses:  

  • How companies can become ‘carbon neutral’ or achieve ‘net zero’ 

  • Why measuring environmental performance of your company matters  

  • What the difference is between carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction 

  • How to cut carbon while working from home (WFH) 

Read the full article 

Edge Carbon (image)

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