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COVID-19: UK Real Estate Perspectives

As the COVID-19 pandemic envelops the globe, we are committed to providing our clients with up to the minute intelligence and commentary as to what is happening in the real estate markets.
Digby Flower • 29/07/2020
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Podcast • Workplace

Podcast: Facebook’s Gya Adeyemi on Diversity in Real Estate, Black Lives Matter and More

Gya Adeyemi, EMEA Transaction Manager at Facebook and Alex Burnett, UK Lead for Transaction Management at Cushman & Wakefield discuss their approach to real estate partnerships and how fundamental partnership has been in delivering space for Facebook.
Alex Burnett • 27/07/2020

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The Future of Workplace


Insights • Economy

COVID-19 Impacts for EMEA Real Estate

Andrew Phipps • 05/08/2020

Research • Data Center

EMEA Data Centre Update - Spring/Summer 2020

Kevin Imboden • 13/07/2020

Research • Topical Report

The Edge | Volume 4


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Research • Investment

Winning in Growth Cities

Predictions for the winning city markets in 2020 and the key themes for property investment over the year ahead.
David Hutchings • 07/10/2019
Cycle Watch Blog
Research • Economy

Cycle Watch: U.S. Economic Expansion

The question of the day is “when is the next recession coming?”
Rebecca Rockey • 01/05/2018

Research • Economy

Nordic Investor Confidence Index

Annika Edström • 14/02/2019

Research • Economy

Decade in Review

Revathi Greenwood • 30/12/2019

Research • Economy

Global Macro Forecast

Kevin Thorpe • 11/06/2019


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Research • Industrial

2020 Global Manufacturing Risk Index

2020 Global Manufacturing Risk Index assesses the most suitable locations for global manufacturing among 48 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.
Lisa Graham • 25/06/2020
Insights • Forecast / Outlook

Construction Cost Outlook 2020

The construction industry is not typically thought of as a driver of change – and its buildings are still assembled in largely the same way they were 50 years ago. Now we're seeing tech solutions to address rising construction costs.

Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2019

Insights • Forecast / Outlook

Logistics Outlook 2020

Andrew Phipps

Research • Industrial

Manufacturing Risk Index 2019

Bruno Berretta • 22/04/2019

Insights • Logistics

Urban Logistics


Research • Industrial

The Changing Face of Distribution

Rob Hall • 14/01/2019


Insights • Forecast / Outlook

Retail Outlook 2020

New mindsets will drive change

Today’s retail sector is undergoing major disruption, fuelled by a set of powerful technological, social, demographic and economic forces.

Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2019
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Research • Retail

UK Retail Outlook 2019

The UK Retail & Leisure real estate market: a summary of the key trends, challenges and opportunities in 2019.


Research • Retail

Global Cities Retail Guide

Research • Retail

The Great Retail Reinvention

Garrick Brown • 27/06/2019

Research • Retail

The Craft Brewing Revolution

Garrick Brown • 14/06/2017

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Research • Technology

The Great Tech Migration

Cushman & Wakefield's The Great Tech Migration report highlights which markets are booming tech hubs and why.
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Research • Micro-mobility


While eScooters make commuting more efficient and fun, safety concerns, regulations and profitability are still open questions.
Revathi Greenwood • 17/06/2019

Research • Technology

Tech Disruptor Series

Revathi Greenwood • 13/08/2019

Research • Technology

The Great Tech Migration


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Research • Workplace

Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace

The “Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace,” outlines some of the best thinking and practices that our more than 53,000 professionals have compiled across the globe and also includes insights from key partners.
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Research • Workplace

How to future-proof your workplace

With so much ongoing change, how do you keep up with and navigate the impact of new trends and, armed with this knowledge, future proof your workplace?
Despina Katsikakis

Research • Topical Report

The Edge | Volume 3

Research • Hospitality

Overcoming over-tourism

Bořivoj Vokřínek

Research • Coworking

CRE Executive Perspectives on Coworking

David Smith • 30/10/2019

Insights • Workplace

Experiencing the Experiential Workplace

Suzanne Mehta • 31/12/2018


Oxford Street, London

Central London MarketBeat

Central London Marketbeat provides an overview of the occupational and investment markets across Central London on a quarterly basis.

Hayley Armstrong • 05/02/2020
London Big Ben Westminster Bridge sunset
MarketBeat • Insights

UK MarketBeat

Cushman & Wakefield MarketBeat reports analyse quarterly UK commercial property activity across office, retail and industrial real estate sectors including supply, demand and pricing trends at the market and submarket levels.
Insights • Forecast / Outlook

Outlook 2020: Central Business Districts

Should we leave CBDs behind? The Central Business District used to be the beating heart of a city. In recent years, however, changes in behaviour, technology and economic life have led to a greater spread of activity.
Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2019
Research • Insights

UK Office Pre-let Report - The Race for Space

Pre-letting has become an increasingly important component of the UK office market, especially since the global financial crisis. This report looks at its effect on the London office and UK regional office markets.

Christopher Dunn • 04/02/2019
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Research • Logistics

Last Link Report

This report reveals the last link of the eCommerce supply chain can account for 50% or more of total supply chain spend. The ‘last link’ refers to the final stage in the eCommerce supply chain, whether carried out by van or electric bicycle, urban or rural, to a collection point or a home.
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DNA of Real Estate

DNA of Real Estate tracks prime rents and yields in 46 cities across Europe, covering the key office, logistics and high street destinations. It has an overview of quarterly performance, and a summary of prime rents and yields for the cities and markets.
Nigel Almond • 30/07/2020


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Research • Coworking

The Flexible Workplace Sector in Spain

An in depth review of the flexible workspace sector at a regional level in Spain. It identifies which factors underlie the expansion of flexible workplaces in Spain. The Flex Potential Index (FPI) looks at the factors which create the most favourable conditions for flexible office space in Spain’s 52 provincial capitals.
Ramiro Rodriguez • 18/10/2019
Belgian Office and Covid-19
Insights • Office

COVID-19 and the Belgian office market

The coronavirus crisis is having an increasing impact on the entire Belgian economy and every sector is affected in a different way. This time, we try to evaluate the effects of COVID-19 on the Belgian office market and what the future could look like after this crisis. 
Cédric Van Meerbeeck • 09/04/2020
Power plant engineer
Insights • Office

The Safe Office - Pivoting Building Ventilation Strategies

The start of 2020 saw building engineers focused on new minimum energy efficiency standards and the drive to net zero carbon by 2050. We have now pivoted to looking at how safe our office buildings are for occupiers upon a return to work, including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on ventilation and air conditioning systems. 
Tony Comber • 20/05/2020
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Insights • Commentary

Leadership Resilience

The resilience of our leadership is brought into sharp relief during times of crisis. The nature of the crisis is moot, it’s how people in positions of responsibility respond and the messages they send to their teams, clients, and in the cases of governments around the world, their electorate and the voracious 24-hour news cycle. 
Andrew Phipps • 07/04/2020


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