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Outlook 2020 UK commercial real estate

After the global financial crisis, the UK has enjoyed a decade of economic growth, with little hint of recession in sight. The UK commercial real estate market has also flourished. What can we expect from the UK commercial property market as we start a new decade?
Patrick Scanlon • 17/02/2020
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Global MarketBeats

Access our global interactive map - a portal to the latest stats and insights for all property types around the world.

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Last Link - Quantifying the Cost



DNA of Real Estate

Nigel Almond • 01/11/2019

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UK MarketBeat Reports


Research • Insights

European Fair Value Index Report Q2 2019

Riccardo Pizzuti • 15/08/2019

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Research • Investment

Winning in Growth Cities

Predictions for the winning city markets in 2020 and the key themes for property investment over the year ahead.
David Hutchings • 07/10/2019
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Research • Economy

Time to Pay Attention to the Yield Curve?

For the first time in this cycle, the monthly yield curve spread in U.S. Treasury markets turned negative, warranting a look at this widely tracked metric.
Revathi Greenwood • 22/08/2019

Research • Economy

Spotlight on Employment

Kenneth McCarthy • 01/05/2019

Research • Economy

Decade in Review

Revathi Greenwood • 30/12/2019

Research • Economy

Global Investment Atlas 2019 - 2020

David Hutchings • 21/03/2019

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Brexit Insight Series



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Construction Cost Outlook 2020

The construction industry is not typically thought of as a driver of change – and its buildings are still assembled in largely the same way they were 50 years ago. Now we're seeing tech solutions to address rising construction costs.

Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2019
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Logistics Outlook 2020

2020’s headline news is that logistics real estate will continue to be driven by key trends in e-commerce, technology, and labour availability.

Andrew Phipps

Research • Industrial

Manufacturing Risk Index 2019

Bruno Berretta • 22/04/2019

Research • Industrial

The Changing Face of Distribution

Rob Hall • 14/01/2019


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Retail Outlook 2020

New mindsets will drive change

Today’s retail sector is undergoing major disruption, fuelled by a set of powerful technological, social, demographic and economic forces.

Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2019
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Research • Retail

UK Retail Outlook 2019

The UK Retail & Leisure real estate market: a summary of the key trends, challenges and opportunities in 2019.

Darren Yates • 11/03/2019

Research • Retail

Global Cities Retail Guide

Research • Retail

The Great Retail Reinvention

Garrick Brown • 27/06/2019

Research • Retail


Garrick Brown • 10/12/2019

Research • Retail

Food Halls 3.0: The Evolution Continues

Garrick Brown • 16/05/2019

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Research • Technology

The Great Tech Migration

Cushman & Wakefield's The Great Tech Migration report highlights which markets are booming tech hubs and why.
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Research • Micro-mobility


While eScooters make commuting more efficient and fun, safety concerns, regulations and profitability are still open questions.
Revathi Greenwood • 17/06/2019

Research • Technology

The Great Tech Migration


Research • Technology

Tech Disruptor Series

Revathi Greenwood • 13/08/2019

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Research • Coworking

CRE Executive Perspectives on Coworking

The report reveals corporate perceptions of the value of flexible workspace and coworking strategies.
Melanie Gladwell • 30/10/2019
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Insights • Workplace

Experiencing the Experiential Workplace

As the experience economy continues to mature, both real estate owners and occupiers must think differently about competitive differentiation.
Suzanne Mehta • 31/12/2018

Research • Coworking

Debunking Coworking Myths

Melanie Gladwell • 16/08/2019

Research • Topical Report

The Edge | Volume 1

Research • Coworking

CRE Executive Perspectives on Coworking

Melanie Gladwell • 30/10/2019

Research • Workplace

Flexible Space: Misplaced Schadenfreude?


Research • Workplace

The coworking sector in Brussels



Oxford Street, London

Central London MarketBeat

Central London Marketbeat provides an overview of the occupational and investment markets across Central London on a quarterly basis.

Hayley Armstrong • 05/02/2020
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MarketBeat • Insights

UK MarketBeat

Cushman & Wakefield MarketBeat reports analyse quarterly UK commercial property activity across office, retail and industrial real estate sectors including supply, demand and pricing trends at the market and submarket levels.
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Outlook 2020: Central Business Districts

Should we leave CBDs behind? The Central Business District used to be the beating heart of a city. In recent years, however, changes in behaviour, technology and economic life have led to a greater spread of activity.
Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2019
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Research • Logistics

Last Link Report

This report reveals the last link of the eCommerce supply chain can account for 50% or more of total supply chain spend. The ‘last link’ refers to the final stage in the eCommerce supply chain, whether carried out by van or electric bicycle, urban or rural, to a collection point or a home.
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DNA of Real Estate

DNA of Real Estate tracks prime rents and yields in 46 cities across Europe, covering the key office, logistics and high street destinations. It has an overview of quarterly performance, and a summary of prime rents and yields for the cities and markets.
Nigel Almond • 01/11/2019
Research • Insights

UK Office Pre-let Report - The Race for Space

Pre-letting has become an increasingly important component of the UK office market, especially since the global financial crisis. This report looks at its effect on the London office and UK regional office markets.

Christopher Dunn • 04/02/2019


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Research • Coworking

The Flexible Workplace Sector in Spain

An in depth review of the flexible workspace sector at a regional level in Spain. It identifies which factors underlie the expansion of flexible workplaces in Spain. The Flex Potential Index (FPI) looks at the factors which create the most favourable conditions for flexible office space in Spain’s 52 provincial capitals.
Ramiro Rodriguez • 18/10/2019
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Insights • Education

European Student Accommodation Guide

Cushman & Wakefield's latest European Student Accommodation Guide highlights trends in European markets and showcases those markets where student accommodation investment interest is increasing.
Paddy Allen • 15/05/2018
Insights • Sustainability

Environment Outlook 2020

Currently, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU, so it is critical that the real estate sector plays its part in helping achieve climate goals.

Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2020
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Insights • Logistics

Are there enough warehouses to build a Brexit buffer?

The second of a three-part series from our Research & Insight team on the implications of Brexit and the possible outcomes for the core commercial real estate sectors: retail, office and industrial.
Balchik, Bulgaria
Insights • Hospitality

The Hotel Investment Scene in CEE

The hotel market in the CEE-6 region has experienced increasing transaction activity in terms of number and diversity of investors. In the past we saw a relatively high volatility of hotel performance and investment returns due to rapid supply growth colluding with economic downturns.
Bořivoj Vokřínek • 10/12/2018
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