Samuel Beckett Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in Dublin

Galway MarketBeat Reports

Cushman & Wakefield Galway MarketBeat reports covering the Office and Industrial Markets. 
Patricia Staunton • 11/06/2020
Samuel Beckett Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge in Dublin

Limerick MarketBeat Reports

Cushman & Wakefield Limerick MarketBeat reports covering the Office and Industrial Markets. 
John Buckley • 11/06/2020

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Insights • Sustainability

Environment Outlook 2020

Currently, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU, so it is critical that the real estate sector plays its part in helping achieve climate goals.

Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2020
Warwick university
Insights • Education

The Future of Tertiary Education

Universities are facing an unprecedented shock. What happens in the next 3 months, and how well universities can adapt, will define the severity of impact of COVID-19 on the whole academic year 2020. 
Sarah Jones • 29/07/2020
red steel building

COVID-19: UK Real Estate Perspectives

As the COVID-19 pandemic envelops the globe, we are committed to providing our clients with up to the minute intelligence and commentary as to what is happening in the real estate markets.
Digby Flower • 29/07/2020
cyclist at UK train station holding newspaper with 5G ad
Insights • Public / Not-for-Profit

What is the Role of Local Government in Delivering Infrastructure?

A positive, mutually respectful, appropriately balanced relationship between local government, central government and the private sector is essential to the UK's recovery and could also produce positive, long term and overdue changes.
John Keyes • 29/07/2020
woman leaping at Big Sur, California
Insights • Commentary

Is risk aversion more damaging than demand shock?

What does ‘risk’ actually mean? And do we have more to fear from these new risks themselves, or instead from the way that we choose to respond to them? 
Richard Pickering • 29/07/2020
Leeds North Star cafe closure COVID-19
Insights • Economy

Planning for a Sustained Economic Recovery

As the UK Government plans to get economic recovery underway, there is a fantastic opportunity for the real estate industry to ensure long-lasting positive change while we have the Government’s attention.
Greg Mansell • 29/07/2020


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