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Patricia Staunton • 12/04/2021
Cushman & Wakefield Limerick MarketBeat reports covering the Office and Industrial Markets. 


Similar to all other regional office markets, activity in the Limerick office market was limited in the opening quarter of 2021, as Ireland re-entered level 5 lockdown. Just 1,350 sq m was taken up in the quarter across two units. This follows take up reaching 13,300 sq m in 2020, marginally below the long-run market average.


The nine months to the end of September 2020 saw take up activity in the Limerick industrial market total an impressive 58,800 sq m. Take up in the year to date sits well above the long run-average of 40,550 sq m. The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across all commercial real estate markets; however the industrial market has proven to be the most resilient. 

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Current Limerick Marketbeats

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Limerick Industrial Marketbeat is a summary of the Limerick industrial property sector providing comment on recent trends as well as market data and analysis.


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Limerick Office Marketbeat is a summary of the Limerick office property sector providing comment on recent trends as well as market data and analysis.


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Following the sharp slowdown in activity in 2020, the Irish development land market witnessed an increase in activity in the first six months of 2021. Capital inflow totalled €257m across 67 deals in H1 2021, a sizable increase from the €160m recorded in H1 2020 across 51 deals.

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