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At Cushman & Wakefield, we value difference and a culture where everyone belongs and is treated equally. We would like to acknowledge and thank our women colleagues, who make an incredible impact every day—their leadership, skills and acumen help our firm win new clients, attract top talent and transform the industry and our communities.

International Women's Day (IWD) unifies women around the world in celebrating social, economic, cultural and political achievements—and the day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. All of us together, can help create gender parity by challenging stereotypes, fighting bias, broadening perceptions, improving situations and celebrating women’s achievements.

Let’s build a gender-equal world.

Equality is not only a women’s issue, it’s a business issue. In honor of IWD on March 8, and in recognition of Women’s History Month (celebrated in some countries in March), Cushman & Wakefield and C&W Services asked our professionals to reflect on this year’s IWD theme #EachforEqual—including what it means to them and how will they are forging a more gender equal world.


Celebrating women around the world

Each for Equal Christina Diaz
Article • Our community

Why Is Equality Not Just a Women’s Issue, but a Business Issue?

It’s important that all members of a community, including women, have an equal voice in how real estate shapes our world.
Kristina Diaz • 3/8/2020
Each for Equal Sabine Apollon-Lopez
Article • Our community

Rise to the Occasion of Diversity—Opportunities for All

Businesses that actively promote equality create success by bringing people from different backgrounds and experiences into the workplace.
Sabine Apollon-Lopez • 3/8/2020
Celebrating Each for Equal across APAC this International Women’s Day
Insights • Occupier

Celebrating Each for Equal across Asia Pacific this International Women’s Day

Matthew Bouw, Chief Executive Officer for Asia Pacific, states the importance of increasing female literacy in order to achieve gender equality.
Matthew Bouw • 3/3/2020
Standing on the Shoulders of Women
Insights • Occupier

Standing on Their Shoulders

Natalie Craig, Chief Legal & Commercial Officer for Asia Pacific, shares a story about her mother and grandmother in celebration of all women this International Women's Day 2020.
Natalie Craig • 3/3/2020
Each for Equal John O'Neill
Article • Our community

Equality is Everyone’s Responsibility

Diversity is a strategic priority. It must start at the top to effectively cascade throughout the organization and become core to the company culture.
John O'Neill • 3/8/2020
Each for Equal Dina Rees
Article • Our community

Each for Equal: A Future of Inclusivity

I believe one of the best ways to achieve each for equal is to start with our youth. The next generation holds our future in their hands…

Dina Rees • 3/8/2020
Nāpualokelani Kamakele
Article • Our community

What Each for Equal Means to Me

Gender equality is not a women’s issue—it’s a business issue, because your company and culture must reflect society and your clients.

Napualokelani Kamakele • 3/8/2020
Each for Equal Sara O’Brien
Article • Our community

Equality is Everyone’s Responsibility

We all— not just women—deserve to be equal. We all need to be responsible for making decisions that better the masses.
Sara O Brien • 3/8/2020
What's Next for Women at Cushman & Wakefield
Article • Our community

What’s Next for Women at Cushman & Wakefield

At Cushman & Wakefield, we strongly believe that diversity better positions us and our clients for what’s next.

Janice O'Neill • 6/13/2019
Angela D’Aguanno
Article • Our community

Celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

Cushman & Wakefield’s Women’s Integrated Network (WIN) is about cultivating programs, developing opportunities and expanding networks to advance and strengthen the success of our talent.
Angela D'Aguanno • 3/28/2019

We believe in #EachforEqual

Anneliese (image)
Anneliese Farrell, Ireland

"International Women's Day is a great opportunity to support women and their achievements. It's amazing to see so many women be successful in everything they do. It's an important day to celebrate women and how far we have come in regards to gender equality."
April (image)
April Trubshaw, UK

"IWD is for me a day to celebrate the voice of women everywhere who contribute to our world with unique gifts and insights. We need a world where every woman has an equal voice, an equal change and is equally appreciated for their contribution."
Caroline (image)
Caroline Strindlund, UK

"IWD is a day of celebration and awareness. Awareness of our past struggles as a society and women towards an equal world. It's also a day to celebrate every woman and man's everyday fight towards an equal world. #EachforEqual is not just women's fight, it is everyone's fight."
Connolly (image)
Catherine Connolly, Ireland

"I think it's important that diversity in the workplace is recognized as a strength that in our difference's greatness can be achieved through collaborative thinking and, more importantly, understanding."
Inderpreet (image)
Inderpreet Thind, UK

"Coming from a Punjabi background, I'm fortunate to have strong female role models who empower me. IWD signifies the progress made for women to become equals in every aspect of life and I'm excited to see what further progress we can make together!"
Rogers (image)
Jade Rogers, UK

"Celebrating International Women's Day is important for everyone to ensure we remember to treat both men and women fairly and to continue the fight for equality to give both men and women the same rights and opportunities."
Jenny (image)
Jenny Pizarro, Spain

"This is about challenging stereotypes, fighting bias and complementing each other for a gender equal world. Starting now! Happy International Women's Day. #EachforEqual"
Inke (image)
Katleen Linke, Germany

"The past achievements of strong and courageous women have given me the possibility of equal opportunities. I will carry this legacy forward and continue to strengthen the position of women."


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WIN Recruitment Video
Women's Integrated Network (WIN)

WIN’s mission is to develop and support the talents of women at Cushman & Wakefield by providing a platform that values diverse perspectives and leverages leadership skills to benefit our firm, clients and the industry. WIN has more than 2,500 members in 48 chapters across the globe.

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Diverse Group of Professionals Working in Open Environment
Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Cushman & Wakefield strives to create an environment where people feel empowered to bring all of who they are to work. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) foster diverse and inclusive workplaces aligned with our organization’s values, priorities and business practices.

Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity & Inclusion

Revathi Greenwood
International Women's Day 2019

We recognize that women are a competitive advantage--their leadership, skills and acumen are a strength the firm can leverage to win new clients, attract new talent and transform perceptions of the industry at large.

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BUILD Paving the Way
Black History Month

This Black History Month, Cushman & Wakefield and C&W Services celebrate Black/African Americans who have made contributions to U.S. history—and paved the way for those today who are doing the same.

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Pride - Brandon Rossotti
Celebrating PRIDE 2019

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots—a major turning point in the modern gay rights movement. Explore our interactive timeline and meet a few of our people as they share their thoughts in recognition of Pride Month.

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