Why 5G is more important than ever

Robert Franch • 3/31/2021
With working from home at an all-time high, 5G couldn’t have come at a better time. How will it impact the office of the future?

Edge Magazine Vol 6 - 5G

As a follow up to the Q&A we featured in The Edge Vol. 4 that discussed 5G and why it matters, this article explores how 5G is shaping up to be more important than ever as companies prepare to bring employees back into the ‘office of the future’ post- COVID-19.

Since employees have proven they can work productively from the comfort of their own homes, they are looking for a reason to return. 5G provides the immersive experience employees are not only craving, but will come to expect going forward.

Edge Magazine Vol 6 - 5GThis article addresses:  

  • How 5G will impact the office of the future 
  • How mobile edge computing is working with 5G to improve the user experience 
  • It also shares 10 ways 5G could change your life.  

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