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Maximize asset returns without a care in the world

What if you had a team of 18 specialists at your disposal, whose sole focus was to maximize the returns of your assets? Meet Asset Services, the Cushman & Wakefield branch that does just that.

Here’s what we’re made of

Together, our Belgian Asset Services team manages over 94 assets and 300 tenants – representing over 830,000 square metres of premium Belgian real estate. No matter how challenging the market is, our goal is to streamline operations, reduce costs, increase cash flow and strategically position all available assets. And rest assured, we succeed in our mission. We do so by leveraging best practices and real-time data to optimize buildings’ operational performance.

This talented team is fully backed by our Property Management branch, which aligns building operational performance with broader business objectives, in close cooperation with our clients. We anticipate your needs and solve problems before they even arise. We understand you and your strategy to the full and connect you with experts who consistently deliver the right results.

Here’s how we maximize your asset returns

We draw on a wide range of methods and techniques to ensure success. All our solutions are tailored to your particular situation, leveraging cutting edge technology to increase value and enrich your service experience. We create shared benefit by improving environmental, social and economic outcomes, while also helping you meet your financial and stakeholder targets.

Maximize operational performance and benefit from unique amenities, brought to you by skilled and dedicated professionals with vast knowledge on how to develop asset management best practices.

An overview of our unique services

  • building operations and engineering management
  • contract and vendor management
  • tenant retention and customer service
  • financial management
  • lease auditing and compliance
  • acquisitions due diligence, transition and investment sales support

Team up with Cushman & Wakefield Asset Services and secure long-term success for all your properties. Contact us now!