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Asset Services

Managing office, retail or industrial property to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and enhance value—while providing superior tenant service.

Working together for greater results

Asset Services is about more than just managing buildings. It’s about creating a unique experience for all users, in and around the building.

At Cushman & Wakefield we maximise the value of your commercial real estate investment. The expertise of our teams transcends the boundaries between properties, sectors, people and locations. And in so doing ensures your property remains in tip-top condition – just like your ROI.

We can't do this without an in-depth understanding of you – the owner or investment manager. What are you goals for the long and short term? And what are the requirements of your customers and potential occupiers?

Our property management services are unsurpassed. Whether your focus is flexibility, groundbreaking technology, health & safety, sustainable buildings, well-being or enhancing your brand, Cushman & Wakefield will advise you according to your strategy. Office, retail, industrial property or an intelligent mix? Whatever your portfolio entails, we always focus fully on cost control, risk management and value creation. In this way we enhance the success of your investment and strengthen the relationship with your tenants – and the employees occupying your properties. At Cushman & Wakefield we embrace data and insight, technical expertise and customer experience from all corners of Commercial Real Estate and beyond. Our investment in technology is laser focused driven by client demands.

Want to unlock your properties’ full potential? Then talk to us!

Key facts:

OUR EXPERTISE in Asset Management spans 14 countries, with 1,700 employees managing over 7,000 properties.

WE GET THE BASICS RIGHT by delivering robust property management with accurate reporting.

WE PROVIDE SMARTER BUILDINGS by harnessing digital innovations, technology and data. We go further and work harder than anyone else in the market.

OUR KNOWLEDGE GROWS BY THE DAY. That allows us to anticipate trends that impact the buildings we manage and the people who use them. It helps us understand the conditions that add value to your building at any given time.


Integrated Facilities Management

Our Integrated Facilities Management model brings together and manages your day-to-day essential operational services that keep your real estate working for you.

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Valuation & Advisory

Our Valuation & Advisory professionals deliver accurate and reliable valuations to help clients making well-informed decisions about their real estate. 

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Capital Markets

Our Capital Markets team advises institutional and private owners, occupiers, investors and developers on their transactions, from the smaller to the most significant ones.

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