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Whatever the challenges faced by your business, our expertise can help you find the right development strategy to achieve outstanding results. 

We can help you by assembling teams that capitalise on the breadth of our local, national and international platform. We will give you and your organisation access to the right people and the right specialists, so that this successful formula delivers the results you want.

Access to the right expertise

Our development team works across all sectors of real estate. Are you looking for a detailed understanding of one aspect of the development process? Or a service that embraces everything from planning to market assessments, feasibility studies, procurement, partnership structures, leasing and funding? We provide efficient local market expertise backed up by best practice from our network of global offices.

Data and research supported by on-the-ground insight

The way we use market intelligence and our knowledge of world-leading projects sets our services apart. Our property development services are organised around four core areas: Business Space, Residential, Places and Planning. These teams collaborate with our local experts to gather the latest information, market data and analyses – all enhanced with our on-the-ground insight. This market knowledge forms the basis of our search for the optimum solution for your situation.

We listen, collaborate and deliver

Our property development approach is driven by three guiding principles:

  • We listen: we work hard to fully understand your expectations, goals, opportunities, strategies, challenges and success critera
  • We collaborate: we draw together a team that can design the best solution, driven by innovation, entrepreneurship and tenacity
  • We deliver transformative results: we are passionate about transforming our urban places and supporting business and communities to meet the needs of the future

Get in touch

Would you like to know more about our specific expertise and how we could use this to strengthen your company? Then contact a member of our team at any time – we’d be delighted to hear from you.


Business Development
Whatever the challenges faced by your business, our expertise can help you find the right development strategy to achieve outstanding results. 
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Specialist Sectors
According to our own recently published research report, 28% of all investment transactions in 2018 were in Specialist Sectors – an all-time high.
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