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Manufacturing and Licensing

Building the Real Estate Footprint of Tomorrow to increase business efficiency.

We understand better than anyone the challenges faced in the manufacturing, production, storage and logistics sectors. Our team of experienced specialists handles every element of your project, from inception to operation. Our 1,100 specialists employed in more than 70 countries provide outstanding services to our clients.

The Manufacturing and Logistics sector is a dynamically developing sector going through continuous changes in the economic, political and social conditions. We support our clients in the industry’s greatest challenges with a flexible business policy tailored to the needs of our clients.

  • Advising on the evolving L&I landscape utilizing our global experts and market leading research
  • Supporting our clients in developing strategies to address the issues of labour and automation
  • Responding to market changes and changing regulations
  • Shaping an effective portfolio and workplace and labour strategies amid increased M&A (merger & acquisition) activity

Cushman & Wakefield offers a broad range of services within the Logistics and Industrial sector. We suit all business needs, including strategic development, land or buildings acquisition, building surveying, project management, cost consultancy, planning, and even capital allowances and business rates advice. We ensure that value is created and cost savings are made in every possible area.


Logistics & Industrial Business Unit

Cushman & Wakefield provides real estate broker's services to logistics and industrial investors, developers and occupiers and the public sector across the entire territory of Hungary.

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Logistics & Industrial Occupiers Services

Occupier support in every scenario

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Logistics and Industrial

Our Lease Business Unit comprising experienced, dynamic, innovative and proactive specialists bears in mind market trends.

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Cushman & Wakefield is a market-leading advisor to owners, investors and developers of office properties.

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Specialist Sectors

Based on our previous market research [link], 28% of the property investment transactions were completed in the Specialist Sectors area in 2018, which is a record compared to the previous years. Our experts provide advice to investors, developers and occupiers operating in the Specialist Sectors area. 

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The hospitality industry is changing. From disruptive technology to the shifting definition of what a hotel can be, hospitality advisers require not only real estate and operational expertise, but insight into the future. 
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Rooftops of EMEA

The role of rooftops in placemaking and asset profile-building for commercial real estate shouldn’t be underestimated. A popular rooftop venue can raise awareness of a slightly off-pitch or under-rated location in a way that is hard to achieve through traditional marketing methods. 
Dominic Bouvet • 13/12/2018
Looking out over Buda castle, Budapest
Insights • Economy

COVID-19 Impacts on Hungary Real Estate

A brief weekly update on the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on commercial real estate in Hungary.
Orsolya Hegedűs • 24/02/2021

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