Webinar: Legal Considerations U.S. Companies Need to Know Post COVID-19


Jones Day Webinar (image)

Building off of Cushman & Wakefield’s Recovery Readiness Guide, their Safe Six Office protype and other return to workplace materials, Cushman & Wakefield has collaborated with international law firm, Jones Day, to produce a webinar which will provide U.S. companies with a legal framework to develop, assess and refine their approach to operating in a post-COVID 19 environment. This includes helping U.S. companies identify and analyze: 

  1. Governmental directives and guidance that apply to their business
  2. Employment issues implicated by COVID-19 and relevant OSHA/EEOC guidance
  3. The risks and benefits of implementing certain measures such as health screenings, temperature checks and contact tracing
  4. Common law and typical contractual duties that may impact their physical operations
Watch the webinar replay:

Jones Day Webinar (image) webinar (image)

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