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How Auckland Council Renovated Its Kontuku House Office With Minimal Disruption

01 The Challenge

Auckland Council requested Cushman & Wakefield help refurbish the Kontuku House Office in Manukau. The refurbishment works were to be delivered in phases through a quick turnaround approach so that the building remained fully functional during the construction. The construction commenced September 2016 and was projected to be completed by May 2017.


Before the project began, Auckland Council made these requests:

  • That the building remain operational and safe for existing staff during renovations
  • Construction period be kept short in order to minimise disruption to employees
  • Ensure health and safety practices during construction
  • Isolate demolition and rubbish removal with as much emphasis on the re-use and re-cycle approach as possible

02 The Solution

Cushman & Wakefield made use of both in-house and external contractors to work on the office renovations. As a result of this combined effort, all demolition work was completed within hours preventing any disruption in operations. In addition, we had a permanent on-site project manager to ensure that all issues were resolved quickly.

03 The Result

Cushman & Wakefield’s collaborative approach and open communication allowed the team to deliver the project on time, within budget, and at a high standard.


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