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Hoang Anh Gia Lai – The Right Tenant For A Luxury Property Hoang Anh Gia Lai – The Right Tenant For A Luxury Property
Hoàng Anh Gia Lai
Người Thuê Nhà Phù Hợp Cho Bất Động Sản Hạng Sang
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American & Efird • Sản xuất
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Kuehne + Nagel International AG • Công nghiệp
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Lazada • Bán lẻ
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Harley Davidson • Bán lẻ

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Ngân Hàng Thế Giới • Dịch vụ Ngân Hàng & Tài Chính

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JYSK • Bất Động Sản

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JYSK • Bất Động Sản

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Lazada • Bán lẻ
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ILA Education • Dịch Vụ Giáo Dục
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Five Fast City Facts Delhi NCR Card

Five Fast City Facts Delhi NCR Q2 2022

What You Need to Know in Today's Delhi NCR Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Market.
Philippine Property Market News - July 2022
Insights • Insights

Philippine Property Market News - July 2022

Our July 2022 edition of the report provides the latest updates in the Philippine commercial real estate industry as well as insights on the local sectors.
Claro Cordero Jr. • 11/08/2022
Five Fast City Facts Mumbai Card
Research • Insights

Five Fast City Facts Mumbai Q2 2022

What You Need to Know in Today's Mumbai Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Market.
India Office Market Report Q2 2022
Research • Office

India Office Market Report Q2 2022

In Q2 2022 the India office market moved confidently on the track to recovery. It has seen a demand strengthening further with return to work gaining significant momentum and capacity expansions by occupiers. Pent-up demand coupled with large deals and pre-leases making a comeback is adding fuel to the robust growth that we are seeing across cities.
Badal Yagnik • 08/08/2022
Research • Data Center

APAC Data Centre Update

H1 2022

Major APAC Markets Continue to have tight vacancy rates even as data centre deliveries and development pipelines reach new milestones. Collectively, the markets of Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Jakarta have nearly 750 MW in total under active construction.
APAC Office of the Future Revisited
Research • Workplace

Asia Pacific Office of the Future Revisited

Our latest insight establishes three realities through the Asia Pacific lens: office space is still in demand, hybrid is here to stay, and the role of the office has changed. We explore the nuances, challenges and opportunities in the region.
Build-To-Rent Australia
Insights • Insights

Build To Rent in Australia

This paper endeavours to give a high-level summary of the BTR sector in Australia. It highlights key areas of the residential investment landscape, as well as potential synergies from a greater presence of BTR and institutional investment.
Sean Ellison • 07/06/2022
04 AP Office Fit Out 2022 Card Image
Research • Office

Asia Pacific Office Fit-Out Cost Guide 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years has greatly impacted the workplace. As markets continue to tackle the ongoing impacts and the rise of the Omicron variant, corporate occupiers are increasingly adopting more flexible working practices.
Dr. Dominic Brown • 12/04/2022
Beijing Winter Olympics Report 2022
Research • Topical Report

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: Milestone Event Drives Urban Renewal

Milestone public events, such as premiere sports competitions and exhibitions, are important catalysts in accelerating urban development. Such events typically draw in vast numbers of participants and can generate high-visibility global media coverage, boosting the host city’s social-economic development and attracting investment and talent inflows. This injection of energy can help to revitalize existing urban districts and to strengthen overall market competitiveness.
Sabrina Wei • 14/02/2022
China Real Estate Tax Reform Report 2021
Research • Policy

Interpreting China’s Pilot Real Estate Tax Reform

China’s National People's Congress (NPC) declared a significant revision to the country’s taxation code at its October 2021 session, with the announcement that it had authorized the State Council to enact pilot real estate tax reforms in selected areas nationwide.
Sabrina Wei • 07/12/2021
China National Population Census Report 2021
Research • Topical Report

Interpreting China’s Seventh National Population Census

China’s once-a-decade national population census is a formidable undertaking designed to reveal the makeup of the world’s most populous nation. The data it generates –- including ages, occupations, residency status and education levels –- is a prized commodity for central government, informing policy and processes for the years ahead.
Sabrina Wei • 07/06/2021
Beijing Free Trade Zone Report 2021
Research • Policy

Beijing Free Trade Zone Policy Report Synopsis

China’s State Council announced official plans for a new pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Beijing in September 2020, with the publication of the Overall Plan for China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone notice.
Sabrina Wei • 24/03/2021


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