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According to our recently published study, 28% of all investment transactions in 2018 were in specialist sectors – an all-time high. Led by experienced experts, our specialist sectors teams advise developers and occupiers in these highly specialized markets.

How we can help:

We assist investors, occupiers and developers throughout the world. Our approach is built on three key pillars:

  • Insight-driven advice: Our advice is based on data and insights that we’ve obtained from our own studies and research reports. We combine our data-driven analyses of real estate with an in-depth understanding of the trends and themes of this sector.
  • An understanding of operators: Investing in specialist sectors and operational real estate requires an in-depth understanding of operating models. Our teams are made up of advisors who have a good understanding of how these services operate and what their specific challenges are.
  • International experience of the capital markets: Our experience of managing global capital flows has given us a first-hand view of the diversities and challenges of every market, as well as a global network of clients and advisors.

Our services

We operate within the following alternative sectors:


Specialised in all aspects of the healthcare market, from private hospitals to retirement villages, our healthcare team provides a full range of services to owners and operators.

Student accommodation

Supported by our specialised databases, our European teams advise universities, developers, investors and local government to make better informed decisions.

Service stations and dealerships

Using our experience and our knowledge of construction, environmental protection, health and safety, as well as regulatory compliance, we are able to advise operators and owners of concessions and highway service stations of all types.


Whether selling, acquiring or developing rental projects, our specialized residential assets team assists landowners, investors and developers throughout the whole of France.

Data centres

Backed by an international network of 30 professionals, our data centre team advises occupiers, landlords and investors on this increasingly vital form of real estate.

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