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Global Occupier Services (GOS)

Helping our clients make intelligent business decisions to get maximum value from the spaces they occupy.

Our professionals use their expertise to offer real estate solutions tailored to your strategy and objectives, whether it is to reduce your operating costs or engage your workforce to be more productive.

We operate through 400 offices in 70 countries and work with the best professionals on the market to ensure the best results. We share your ambitions and work with you to help you achieve your goals and maximise your performance.


Integrated Portfolio Management (IPM)

To help our clients achieve their key objectives, the Transaction Management, Lease Administration and Portfolio Strategy teams work together to leverage data, streamline processes and offer better insights.

Transaction Management

We manage the leases, acquisitions and disposals of your properties to optimise their profitability, in keeping with your organisation’s long-term strategy.

Global Portfolio Administration

Our experts collect, analyse and transform data into actionable information, such as occupancy costs, key lease dates, and inventories by asset type, location, size and other factors.

Strategic Consulting

We work closely with your teams to understand your business objectives and recommend ways to meet your challenges in attrating and retaining new talent, optimising your portfolio and developing more effective change management programmes.

Intelligent Facilities Management

Our professionals reduce your operational costs and improve service consistency while ensuring compliance.

Total Workplace

We support you throughout the entire workplace lifecycle – it is our aim to create a workplace aligned to your business objectives and designed to enhance organisational performance and engage employees.

Programme Management Office

PMO provides a single point of contact for clients who are undergoing significant change, providing risk management or ensuring programme delivery and project management.


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Rue Sainte-Catherine, Bordeaux, France
Insights • Economy

French Real Estate Market View

A brief bi-weekly update on the French commercial real estate market.
Patricia Vevaud • 23/09/2021
Rue Sainte-Catherine, Bordeaux, France
Insights • Economy

French Real Estate Market View

A brief bi-weekly update on the French commercial real estate market.
Patricia Vevaud • 23/09/2021

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