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Keeping pace with an evolving marketplace

Unprecedented changes are happening in the residential marketplace. This rapid pace is being fuelled by basic supply and demand dynamics, changes to economic and planning policies, a constantly evolving international marketplace and a crucial shift in attitudes to the sector both as an asset and an investment class.

Today two thirds of current investors are seeking to increase their exposure to residential. Seismic change in the way people now live, work and shop is having a huge impact on the fundamental makeup, design and tenure of new developments. France’s major cities are some of the most cosmopolitan in the world, attracting capital from all corners of the globe. New areas of regeneration are springing up all over the country. Improved infrastructure and progressive design is breathing new life into old buildings, with previously unthought-of uses comfortably thriving cheek by jowel. It therefore comes as no surprise that these changes are having a profound impact on the residential real estate market, and that in turn is influencing our advice to clients in master planning schemes, creating quality new places and optimising returns over time.

Our residential real estate experts deliver keen market insights

We work on a wide range of projects, with the nature of our advice depending on our clients and the complexity of projects, ranging from boutique developments to the largest, longest-term regeneration projects. Whatever the project, our objective is to help landowners, developers, investors and private individuals identify these new challenges and opportunities. We then help them navigate their way around this evolving sector by staying at the forefront of the industry in order to ensure the success of their projects. This sometimes entails taking a close look at the latest planning policies, keeping abreast of changes in specification, amenity and tenure, assisting with to macro and microeconomic market analysis or providing access to new capital from individuals and investors all over the world. Although the sector is evolving at a rapid pace, our clients can count on us to advise and guide them as their projects evolve.

Benefit from our global network and local knowledge of markets

Thanks to our extensive coverage in France and the consultants of our international network, our residential real estate specialists combine in-de pth knowledge of local markets with privileged access to the global marketplace.We are trusted advisors to clients from across the public and private sectors, including local authorities, public bodies, charities, retailers, funds, investors, developers and real estate companies. In all cases, our approach is focused on keeping our clients step ahead in this market and providing them with innovative solutions customised to our clients’ specific needs. We offer a comprehensive range of residential services in the areas of development, investment, leasing, valuation, and advice and sale of new homes.

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