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Asset Management for Smarter and Better Buildings Consistent across EMEA, to ensure buildings and people thrive.

Working together to unlock potential.

Managing real estate assets is no longer simply about managing buildings. It’s about developing an ecosystem of skills, technologies and processes to increase the value of assets and improve the experience of occupiers and stakeholders. Our role is to ensure not only the proper functioning of your buildings, but also their profitability and sustainability.

Cushman & Wakefield has international asset management expertise that spans more than 1,700 employees and 7,000 managed assets in 14 European countries. In France, our team has close to 80 employees and manages nearly 3.5 million m² of offices, shops and logistics platforms. Such a solid network enables us to assist you in managing your international and regional portfolios by delivering the same quality of services with regard to processes, technologies and reporting.

To maximise the return and value of assets, it is essential to understand the short- and long-term goals of our clients, owners and investors, as well as the expectations of tenants in changing work patterns and services.

Whatever your priorities (flexibility, technical capacity, compliance, health and safety, environmental sustainability, well-being, brand awareness, etc.), we advise on and implement programmes with a high degree of added value for:

  • Maximising the value of your property and improve occupier experience through proactive technical and rental management
  • Optimising your cash flow by marketing and recovering quick rentals
  • Developing your buildings to make them smart, sustainable and energy-efficient
  • Keeping your tenants loyal by delivering valuable services
  • Controlling your operating costs
  • Managing your contractual obligations
  • Reducinge risks, insurance and litigation To do this, we put at your disposal a team of experienced professionals who are committed to being a true partner throughout the life cycle of the building and deliver the best management services with regard to:
  • Technical and works
  • Accounting and financial
  • The relationship with tenants and their satisfaction
  • Services and community management
  • Contracts and compliance with regulations In addition, we invest heavily in information systems and innovative technologies to make your buildings smarter. We control real estate data to bring more understanding of assets, possible optimisation levers and real-time reporting.

We develop predictive models to help you define the best strategy and make the right tradeoffs. We also rely on technologies to optimise processes, automate services and develop the digitisation of workspaces. Finally, we respond to your social and environmental responsibility challenges by implementing programmes guided by a sustainable and innovative approach.

While our knowledge of the sector and our expertise enable us to optimise the value and the profitability of your assets at the right moment, our innovative and sustainable approach gives you a permanent head start in the management of buildings and their occupants.

Key figures:

EUROPEAN EXPERTISE in Asset Management spanning 14 countries with 1,700 employees managing over 7,000 properties.

OUR PRINCIPLES are based on delivering robust property management with accurate reporting.

WE MAKE YOUR BUILDINGS SMART by harnessing digital, new technology and data.

WE OFFER our knowledge of the sector and our expertise to optimise the value and profitability of your assets at the right time, our innovative and sustainable approach gives you a permanent head start in building management and their occupants. Our sector knowledge puts a lens on what's delivering value and return for the right property at the right time.

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