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Logistics & Industrial

Our Logistics & Industrial Lease Advisory team is made up of experienced, dynamic, innovative and proactive consultants.


For our landlord clients we negotiate terms that maximise their capital value; we are the market leaders in providing strategic advice to enhance the rental value of their assets and thus their capital value. Our expert advice enables our investor clients to identify the best opportunities for growth.


For occupiers we reduce their leasehold liabilities and agree rental terms which meet the objectives and strategies of their business. We work closely with occupiers to help them proactively manage their occupational interests to ensure these are aligned with the needs of their business.

Experience and Resources

For the Logistics & Industrial Lease Advisory team, each lease expiry, rent review or termination of lease represents an opportunity for their clients. Our employees work in synergy with other agency and investment teams to develop solutions that create value or reduce costs.

Our network of industrial and logistics professionals has an in-depth knowledge of the markets both in Ile-de-France and in other French regions, as well as a great deal of professional expertise.

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