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Total Workplace. A vision of creative work spaces.

The employee of today places great importance on the quality of their workplace. It’s no longer just about the pay and benefits. 

The workplace can also fuel ambition to drive business performance. Businesses are facing new challenges in creating ways of improving employee attraction, retention and engagement, while keeping overall real estate costs low. 

We’re here to support you throughout your entire workplace lifecycle. We will create a vision for your workplace that matches your strategic objectives, with a view to enhancing both your organisational performance and day-to-day employee experiences, to help you anticipate and manage future priorities.

Our Total Workplace team adds value to your business:

  • Based on business priorities
  • Tied to culture and values
  • With evidence-based business case analyses
  • Capitalising on Cushman & Wakefield's thought leadership and international best practices

We implement change and communication programmes designed to encourage long-lasting behaviours and sustain organisational change.

Vision & Strategy. We uniquely combine workplace and location insights to advise on where and how to engage the best talent.

Our workplace specialist team creates dedicated programmes in line with your strategic objectives, in order to optimise the organisational performance of your company, while improving employee experience.

Project Management & Delivery. Our professionals have all the experience and skill sets to manage any programme or project, regardless of size or location. We regularly invest in cutting-edge technology and real-time reporting systems, while our project manager training and compensation programmes have been designed to attract and retain top professionals with technical expertise and advanced degrees in architecture, engineering, construction and programme management.

Planning & Occupancy. We identify at an early stage the latest trends in behavioural, spatial and technological changes necessary for success. We produce data analytics that support strategy & planning activities; we analyse, evaluate and manage space data to provide relevant space solutions and projects, ranging from large scale moves or restacks across our clients’ global portfolios.

Flexible Workplace Solutions. Our experts provide an in-depth review of your portfolio as well as an option analysis to support the development of all potential investment strategies and business model review in flexible workspaces across both portfolio and individual assets.

Experience Management. Our team of Experience Managers assesses the entire career path of employees necessary to deliver the expected outcomes– from environment to people, tools and processes. We have also developed an employee experience survey tool - Experience per SF - to be able to measure and evaluate the experience of employees in their workplace, and to develop an improvement action plan based on the results, as well as an investment roadmap.

Smart Buildings. Smart Building Solutions is aimed at both the occupant and the operational efficiency of buildings, by identifying the main factors that can optimise business intelligence and by anticipating and meeting the ever-changing expectations of occupants.

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Rue Sainte-Catherine, Bordeaux, France
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