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Bringing to life a workplace vision that delivers business value. 

For employees today the workplace experience is increasingly important. It’s no longer just about the pay and benefits. The place we work can also fuel ambition to perform even better. Businesses are facing new challenges; they have to find ways to attract, retain and engage employees, while keeping overall real estate costs low.

We’re here to support you throughout your entire workplace lifecycle. From creating a vision for your workplace that matches your business objectives, to delivering a workplace that enhances organisational performance. But also, a workplace that improves the day-to-day employee experience – that can help you anticipate future priorities.

Total Workplace delivers business value:

  • Based on business priorities
  • Tied to culture and values
  • Evidence-based business cases
  • Incorporating Cushman & Wakefield thought leadership and global best practice

Let organisational change become the new normal. Embed sustainable behaviour through complete change and communication programs. We will take care of the implementation, from A to Z.

Vision & Strategy. We uniquely combine workplace and location insights to advise on where and how to engage the best talent.

Benefit from the workplace and change programmes developed by our team We are fully aligned to your business objectives, and focus on enhancing organisational performance and employee experience.

Project Management & Delivery. Our professionals have all the experience and skills to manage any program or project, regardless of size or location. We continually invest in cutting-edge technology and real-time reporting systems, project manager training and compensation programmes designed to attract and retain top technical professionals – such as architects, engineers, structural experts and project managers

Planning & Occupancy. We identify at an early stage behavioural, spatial and technological changes necessary for success. We produce data analytics that support your strategy and planning activities, and evaluate and manage spatial data to provide even smarter spatial solutions and projects. We do this in a broad range of projects, from large scale relocations to reorganisations across our clients' global portfolios.

Flexible Workplace Solutions. Our experts provide an in-depth portfolio review and option analysis to support the development of all potential investment strategies in flexible workspaces – across both portfolio and individual assets.

Experience Management. Our experience managers consider each touch point across the employee journey – environment, people, tools and processes – so that we can deliver the expected outcomes. We have also developed an employee experience survey tool - Experience per SF. This gives you unparalleled insight into the workplace experience of your employees, helping you devise an improvement action plan and investment roadmap.

Smart Buildings

We focus on two core elements: the occupant and the operational efficiency of the building. With this, we keep our finger on the pulse and enable facility managers to anticipate and address the ever-changing needs of occupants.


Global Occupier Services

Our Global Occupier Services team helps occupiers to get maximum values from the spaces they occupy. 

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Integrated Facilities Management

Our Integrated Facilities Management model brings together and manages your day-to-day essential operational services that keep your real estate working for you.

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Integrated Portfolio Management
Our IPM service focuses our Transaction Management, Portfolio Administration and Portfolio Strategy activity around our clients’ business challenges and priorities. 
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Transaction Management
Create business growth and improve your flexibility. Choose the right space and the right strategy – at the right location.
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Global Portfolio Administration
You focus on your core business objectives. We consolidate your portfolio. In this way you are enured of control, visibility and accuracy.
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Strategic Consulting

Align your business and real estate to create future-proof strategies.

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Programme Management Office

Delivery of global initiatives and management across multiple and complex projects.

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Portfolio Services Centre

Cushman & Wakefield’s global Portfolio Service Centres (PSCs) are multi-disciplinary, connected teams of real estate professionals that partner with local teams to deliver fully-integrated services to enhance your portfolio.

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Project Development Services

Whether you’re an occupier or investor in real estate, working on a single asset or across an international portfolio, our Project Development Services team is ideally placed to support you with a comprehensive range of design & build services. 

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Occupier Representation

Our Occupier Representation team supports you through the entire process of your search for a property, whether office, retail or industrial and logistics space, from the beginning all the way to signing the lease and fitting out your new premises.  

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