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Podcast: COVID-19: Did your global data pass the test?

Brett Abrams • 4/1/2020

Podcast Episode 2 (image)

Access to digitized global data has become critical in executing business continuity plans in the face of the pandemic.


In this podcast, our guests discuss how portfolio administration has helped occupiers understand all aspects of their real estate portfolios in the eye of the COVID-19 storm and leveraging data to develop reactive portfolio strategies.


How will portfolio administration need to evolve in the future? Will we need to adjust the data that we regularly abstract to account for “pandemic or global disaster related” clauses and information? Will leases fundamentally change, with things like force majeure becoming front and center? Will we see increased flexibility and new clauses built into leases? How will technology need to evolve to keep up with the changing landscape?



  • Brett Abrams, Global Head of Portfolio Administration
  • Kimberley Burn, Head of Lease Administration, EMEA
  • Nick Seaton, Head of Integrated Portfolio Management, South East Asia

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