Podcast: What we know, what is critical and what’s next?

Despina Katsikakis • 3/24/2020

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The rapid spread of the coronavirus globally has placed many corporates on an accelerated path of enacting remote working universally across their workforce. This inevitably will place strain on existing systems, take employees out of their established routines and require development of new processes amongst myriad of other challenges.

In light of this, Cushman & Wakefield has developed a new series of podcasts, focusing on rebalancing the work life experience during the pandemic. In this first podcast, we provide a fundamental grounding of remote working through a three-stage approach, backed up by quantitative data analysis from our bespoke Experience per Square FootTM (XSF) database and real-world experiences.

View our infographic about balancing work-life for yourself and for your teams

Key Takeaways of our first Podcast in this new series:

  1. In this transition to widespread remote working, close attention should be paid to seven key factors, including but not limited to: culture, collaborative technology and information flow.
  2. Remote workers have a more positive workplace experience than office-based workers, founded upon increased flexibility.
  3. The lessons from this current period are likely to echo for many years. Corporates will need to adjust to a new paradigm embracing a flexible workplace to drive trust, culture, well-being, productivity and loyalty.

As we highlight in the podcast, many of these factors are strongly correlated in the data. Improvement in one will buoy the others, creating exponential benefits to employee experience.


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