Demographic Shifts: The World in 2030

Dominic Brown • 1/7/2020
How Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z Will Impact the Global Workplace by 2030

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We are entering a decade of seismic demographic change.

The retirement of 693 million Baby Boomers and the debut of 1.3 billion Generation Z workers entering the labor force over the next ten years has major implications for real estate occupiers, investors and policy-makers around the world.

Cushman & Wakefield’s new report, Demographic Shifts: The World in 2030, extends a global viewpoint and takes the perspectives of both occupiers and investors to identify opportunities and challenges that will be encountered by 2030, and analyzes four key issues.

  • The aging of Baby Boomers
  • The progression of Millennials
  • The difference between Generation Z and Millennials
  • The impacts on the world’s cities
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