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Osaka Flagship Store Leasing

01 The Challenge

Cushman & Wakefield has been supporting Lululemon as a partner, an athletic apparel retailer, since preparations for launching in Japan by advising store opening strategies and securing properties. While working closely with Lululemon’s Asia Pacific head office and Japan branch, we spearheaded the process from searching for a location that will serve as a flagship store in the Kansai region, to negotiating terms with the Landlord, and providing assistance throughout the entire process of executing the lease agreement. This has led us to the opening of Lululemon's first store in the Kansai region.

02 The Solution

Lululemon required an uncompromising location in the Kansai region that would promise high brand recognition, while the Landlord imposed strict commercial terms for leasing a favorable location in a popular retail facility. We pitched Lululemon to LUCUA Osaka, which ranks the highest grossing retail facility in the Kansai region, and upon securing preferential negotiation rights, Cushman & Wakefield’s experts successfully led the negotiations of terms that would guarantee obtaining the retail space.        

03 The Result

The client was able to attain their desired goals. After store opening, they became a Tenant that led a boost in the facilities’ sales performance, and we were able to create the optimal outcome for both Landlord and Tenant.

In order to build a fan base, Lululemon repeatedly conducted local events six months prior to store opening. As a result, the day of store opening became a massive success, setting an all-time sales record at LUCUA Osaka, and Lululemon achieving a great start for their flagship store in the Kansai Region.

Meet the Team

Isao Suga

Executive Director, Head of Retail Services, Japan
Chiyoda-ku, Japan

+81 (3) 3596-7033

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Naoko Hongo

Chiyoda-ku, Japan

+81 (3) 3596-7053

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