Sustainability: a global conversation

Rebecca Jinks • 3/31/2021

Women leading Sustainability (Image)

We sat down with sustainability experts from around the world to discuss their thoughts on this important topic

Women leading Sustainability (Image)Global companies are increasingly considering corporate sustainability as a critical initiative in this “new world” following COVID-19. The pandemic has provided an opportunity for companies to see how they can address an expanding range of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) challenges and embed sustainability practices into their business going forward. 

Sustainability has become an international conversation.  

The Edge Magazine sat down with female sustainability experts from Cushman & Wakefield to discuss: 

  • The future of sustainability in CRE   
  • Sustainability trends that emerged due to COVID-19 
  • The connectivity between DEI and sustainability 
  • Why women make unique and vital contributions to the industry  

Read the full article.  

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Rebecca Jinks

Sustainability Lead
Melbourne, Australia

+61 (3) 83590086

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Tereza Jelinkova Prague
Tereza Jelínková

Associate, Project Manager
Prague, Czechia

+420 2 34603382

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Gerda Stelpstra
Gerda Stelpstra

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 208002000

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Melissa Gutierrez-Sullivan (image)
Melissa Gutierrez-Sullivan

Director, Sustainability
Los Angeles, United States

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Rachel Schiftan
Rachel Schiftan

Associate Director, Sustainability
Washington, United States

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Corrine Chen
Corrine Chen

Senior Sustainability Consultant
Shanghai, China

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