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Tech Disruptor Series

Cushman & Wakefield's four-part series explore technologies that have the most potential impact to disrupt CRE.

The transformative technologies—blockchain, bitcoin, micromobility and robotics—have the potential to completely transform some sectors, while others will have a nominal effect. More importantly, these reports present the timeline for impact, as some technologies are already in use, but widespread adoption could be years in the future.

Cushman & Wakefield is tracking these transformative technologies to keep real estate occupiers, owner and investors up to speed on what’s real, what’s hype and what to watch.

Tech Disruptor Part 1
Part 1: Will Robots Take Over CRE

The real impact to commercial real estate is more than 10 years away for many technologies. But disruption in the near term will be generated from a few.

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Tech Disruptor Part 2
Part 2 : Blockchain, Bitcoin and Real Estate

The three benefits of blockchain technology—efficiency, security and transparency—can transform CRE transactions ranging from property listings, asset management and the purchase and sale of properties.

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Tech Disruptor Part 3
Part 3: Mobility Shifts in Commercial Real Estate

It is universally accepted that auto-technologies are primed to shift the way we live, work and play, yet there are still varying degrees of how adoption will affect CRE in the near term.

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Tech Disruptor Part 4
Part 4: Tech Disruptors and the Supply Chain

Adoption of disruptive supply chain technologies could double in the next five years, affecting the speed, accuracy and cost of delivery of products, and a very different customer experience.

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